Knowing you are the best & saying it

Hayfield Manor Hotel

Hayfield Manor Hotel

I was at a recent Chamber event in Cork and they had their usual “soap box” slot whereby a few members are given the opportunity to speak in front of the attendees and briefly tell everyone about their business.

This is quite an awkward moment for those invited to talk – they have about two minutes to inform and impress the listeners and generally try to make an impact with a combination of information, some humour and maybe a “catchy” phrase to finish their mini speech.

At the recent event Ettienne van Verde, General Manager of Hayfield Manor confidently took to the podium and started his speech by informing all of the attendees that they were the best hotel in the area.Β  At first there were a few quiet sniggers, some glances around the room because “saying you are the best” is generally not something that we say. It might be considered to be a little bit arrogant ..even if you believe it do you say it publically?

Not only did Ettienne state that they were the best hotel but he went on to explain why they were the best. He mentioned the friendly welcome, the free parking, the convenient location, the free wifi, the state of the art function room, the individually designed bedrooms and also the two award winning restaurants.

At the end of his confident two minute talk he was met with a big round of warm applause.For those who have experienced the hotel they would have to agree that Hayfield Manor is pretty good but I suspect the warm round of applause was for someone who proudly and confidently represented their business and wasn’t afraid to say “we are the best”.

If you believe you are best maybe you should start saying it

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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28 Responses to “Knowing you are the best & saying it”

  1. Dermot Says:

    Whistle growing up I was often told self praise was no praise, boy where those people wrong. If you lack confidence but believe in yourself, your business and what ever else it is you do continue to tell yourself how good you are. Positive attitude = Positive outcome

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Interesting view Dermot – I think in particular the Irish can suffer from underselling? Ettienne is not from Ireland – I wonder does this make him more comfortable with standing up and proudly saying it.

  2. Michele O'Briain Says:

    When you are the best of course you should say it but you should also back it up with some proof of why you are the best similar to when you are asked a question at a competency based interview and you demonstrate your skills with an example or two. I can see Etienne did this well but I hope he finished his speech with an invite to all attendees to visit the hotel for a free cup of coffee and tour of the facilities so he could prove to the audience that Hayfield is the best hotel in the hope of guaranteeing some business from the event.

  3. Mary Dolan Says:

    Interesting thread — it’s a hell of a lot easier to say that a business is the best when it can be backed up, but rather difficult to say ‘I am the best’.

  4. Martin Smith Says:

    I guess this really goes back to how, or indeed if, you can successfully differentiate your offering from that of your competitors. Too often one hears the hackneyed self-congratulatory “corporate” statements being trotted out with little or no substance behind them.
    If your product or service is in no way different from the competition, as is so often the case nowadays, the business’s unique selling proposition has to be……you! You must be the reason why customers will prefer to deal with your company. It’s a lot easier to sell yourself than your employer/business.
    People buy people – so go ahead and make yourself appealing by promoting your own qualities. But be sure to deliver on your words!
    Given the dismally low levels of interest in customer service in many areas of business life, there is plenty of scope for those stakeholders to “up their game” for the benefit of those who are their real paymasters….

  5. Maria Says:

    Beautiful, Greg, many thanks!
    And hey, you’re the best!

  6. irishminx Says:

    How about individuals saying “I am the best”, I am! πŸ™‚

  7. patrick murphy Says:

    Greg, great posting, its always a dilemma how to get across what it is thats makes us or our business unique and possibly the best without sounding arrogant, and maybe the answer is just have the confidence to say it and then consistently prove it.

  8. Terence MacSwiney Field Says:

    Saying it and backing it up is the real challenge. My mother said I was an Angel – and mother’s don’t lie, do they? I have a feeling she meant a ‘fallen’ angel though – either way it was tough backing it up. πŸ™‚

  9. Brian Whelan Says:

    If you believe it say it.
    Hayfield have obviously perfected their product over 15 years,it helps to be a long time in business.

  10. Marion Courtney Says:

    It’s great that he had hard evidence to support his claim. He is not self-promoting, but instead he is promoting the value he is adding to his business and above all his customers.

  11. Trich Says:


    I love your Positivity.
    The world needs more folk like you.

    Keep going.


  12. Pat Slattery Says:


    Great post, I firmly believe that we all should absolutely claim to be the best.

    We have been surrounded by an enviroment that says sit back and do not say much,

    I love when people stand up and realise the potential within themselves and to have the belief that they are and can always be the best.

    If the intention is coming from the right place then we are the best

    We will be judged by our intention not by our actions.

    Encourage everybody to actually go out today and everyday and BE the best they can BE and do not accept anything else from anyone else.

    BEhave everyday how you would if you were the best you could BE

    And then yes you will always BE the BEST.

    Have an Outstanding Day πŸ™‚


    p.s check out this event if it interests you, I believe it will

    Take care

  13. Ettienne van Vrede Says:

    Dear All,

    Thank you very much for all your positive comments. I am overwhelmed by the level of response that my statement provoked.

    I can see how my statement may have been perceived in some quarters as overzealous, but my comments came from the heart.

    A fellow countryman of mine, the great Gary Player, once remarked on the suggestion that he may have been lucky after winning a golf tournament, “I find the harder I practice the luckier I get”!

    So here at Hayfield Manor we will keep on practicing!

    Thank you again for all your continued support!

    Ettienne van Vrede
    General Manager
    Hayfield Manor Hotel

  14. Sorina Gabor Says:

    10 years ago I was seated in front of the interview panel; one of 32 other candidates short-listed for the job interview. When I first saw the job adv with all specifications I could tick all the required criteria and I wanted the job!Β 
    After the customary “firing” drill, the last panel member asked the intriguing question: Why should we give You the job? It took me just few seconds to breath in and then to let out: Because I deserve it!
    I couldn’t hear any noises made but I could see the impact of that sentence in some (unpleasantly-like) raised brows…

    I got the job and still carry on of what I knew I can do better than the other 31!

    Moral of the story:
    For companies-Write a good job description
    For job’s candidate-The title of the Blog applies: trust your gut, trust me (and Greg)!


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