Do you want my number or do you want to connect?

Alone in a Crowd?

Connections or just numbers?

@gregcantyfuzion is following you – Great, that’s another follower and your numbers are building. Who exactly is this guy?

According to his bio he is a partner with a PR & Marketing in Cork and Dublin firm, called Fuzion. If you have any interest in this guy having had a peep at his profile you might follow him back. Why did he follow you and what is the value of the connection- is he just “collecting numbers” for vanity sake?

I try a little test when people connect with me by asking a simple question – “Hi Greg, thanks for connecting, how is everything in your world?

On Twitter, nine times out of ten I don’t get a response – they are either rude or just in a game of boosting their numbers. Worthwhile connection? – mostly not.

Greg Canty wants to connect with you on LinkedIn – Great, that’s another connection and your numbers are building. Who exactly is this guy?

According to his quite detailed bio I can see what he does, where he works now and where he worked in the past, I see links to his website, his recent comments and his other connections. He looks interesting so you decide to connect with him. Why did he follow you and what is the value of the connection – is he just “collecting numbers” for vanity sake?

I try a little test when people connect with me and ask a simple question – “Hi Greg, thanks for connecting , how is business with you?

On LinkedIn, nine times out of ten I do get a response – quickly you get a sense of why they wanted to connect with you. Worthwhile connection? – mostly.

These are generalisations but from my own experience the quality of your LinkedIn connections are much better, which says a lot about the platform. This is not to say that Twitter connections are worthless, but many of them seem to have very little depth. On LinkedIn the platform makes you jump a few hoops before it allows you to request a connection, which does preserve the quality to some degree.

You can find a “gem” of a connection on any platform but as with everything else in life if it’s too easy then it probably isn’t worth as much. The real magic starts when you start communicating openly with these connections and get a chance to show them who you are and what you do and vice versa.

so … do you want my number or do you want to connect ..?

Happy connecting !!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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12 Responses to “Do you want my number or do you want to connect?”

  1. iain young Says:

    i agree with your sentiment about the twitter connecting but i talk more time on linked in,

  2. Paul O'Mahony (Cork) (@Omaniblog) Says:

    As a big Twitter user who’s keen on connecting with interested people, you have me thinking.

    Have I neglected LinkedIn? Would I be in a better place if I used LinkedIn as thoroughly as I’ve used Twitter?

    I’ve had a similar experience with Twitter: but I never even hope someone will follow me back. I never follow-back unless I have a specific interest in the person, their tweets or those with whom they connect.

    Long time ago, I experimented with an automated Tweet to new followers – some sort of thanks & words I hoped would encourage them to connect with me. Then gave that up because it was too impersonal & formula-like.

    Thankfully only a tiny number of my Twitter followers connect with me. If even 10% of them contacted me once a week – I’d be run ragged. But, as you say, there are gems.

    I wouldn’t even be able to cope on LinkedIn.

    As for Facebook…

    I’m told the deep value in LinkedIn lies in the Groups. So I had a go at participating in a few Groups – there are indeed some fine contacts to be made there.

    You’ve really poked me into thinking a bit more about LinkedIn.

    Thanks Greg

    • Greg Canty Says:

      If I can teach you anything Paul I’ve impressed myself !!! LinkedIn is great & groups will give you a huge audience for your voice. Thanks for the feedback as always ..

  3. Edward Prendiville (@big33n) Says:

    The essential reason is that I need connections with a view to developing me and my business. I guess I could even buy the numbers.


  4. susanne Says:

    i agree Greg and nice tip on your reply to people wanting to connect. However, can I have your number? 🙂

  5. Maria Says:

    Greg – this is a great post, and has really got me thinking. I’ve been using linked-in more and more, but I find it requires more of a time committment that twitter for example.
    However I agree with previous poster regarding the groups. I think it is worth the time invest ment to join groups that are relevant to your business or area of expertise. As a current job-seeker, I see WAY more opportunities advertised on Linked in than in mainstream sources – so Linked in is the place to be if you are someone in my situation. I was recently approached by an organization who found me on linked in, the interview process has started, we’ll see if it bears fruit – it would be great if it did!!!
    By the way hope business is going well!!! 😉

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Hi Maria,

      LinkedIn will be great for your job search. Start discussions in your area of expertise and let the world know how knowledgeable you are! … don’t be shy.

      Good luck with the job search.

  6. girlwhowinks Says:

    Reblogged this on girlwhowinks.

  7. Kevin McCormack Says:

    Insightful as ever Greg…. Here’s my tuppence worth. Facebook is for fun, re-connecting and keeping in touch. Twitter (depending on the number of connectons you have) moves too quickly to be for anything other than recreation/opinion sharing…..when I go on twitter, I scroll back along through the tweets and am amused at how many ‘professionals’ are on Twitter all day-literally. I’m not talking a tweet every hour or two here, I’m talking chain tweeting…a tweet every 5 to 10 minutes. Anyone with that kind of time on their hands is unlikely to be much use in a professional network. Linkedin is where it’s at. I have gotten contracts through Linkedin, and I have connected contacts with each other and they have done business together.
    Each to their own I suppose……

    • Greg Canty Says:

      interesting summary Kevin – my own view is

      Facebook is great for B2C businesses or targeting audiences with particular demographics
      Twitter is a superb way to build fantastic relationships (including journalists) and with a clear objective can be very effective for business
      LinkedIn is great for connections and for awareness as long as you are prepared to participate in discussions in groups

      There are always exceptions …. there is a skill in using each of the platforms, which needs to be learnt – that along with a clear objective and a great knowledge of your own business will yield results (plus time and effort)

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