“Sir, sir, a euro sir”

homeless man

Sir, sir, a euro sir

This particular homeless man drives me nuts – I can’t stand him!

He sits between Grand Parade and South Mall in Cork and he bellows out that request over and over to any man who passes.

A euro!!

Jesus – specifying the amount is the worst. It’s not “have you any change?“, this cheeky bugger wants a full euro!

Do you have any idea how hard I work for my euros and you have the cheek to ask me for one – f**k you !!” , is my private thought each time that I have to pass him.

Because of the cheeky request I never give him anything. And besides, if I did, he’d probably never leave me alone.

As well as this begging technique he’s also quite disgusting.

I’ve seen him just throwing food on the ground (that people have given him) that he hasn’t eaten and wait for it – there is much worse….

I have seen him urinating in the open doorways of the offices and places of business (typically a doorway that leads to a stairwell to upstairs offices) in broad daylight as people pass by,

Can you imagine coming down the stairs of your office and finding someone just pissing into the entrance – DISGUSTING!!!

Can you imagine the disgusting smell and the cleaning job some lucky person will have to do over and over because of this horrible, unpleasant, disgusting man?

It’s easy for all of us to feel disgusted by this “horrible” man.

It’s much harder to stop and help and consider all of the unfortunate circumstances that have led him to this place.

He is someone’s dad, husband, brother, uncle, friend, someone who has been dealth a cruel hand at some point.

Shame on me for being disgusted..

What can we do to help?

What can I do?  

Greg Canty 

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion Communications, a full-service agency that offers Marketing, PR and Branding  services from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland



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2 Responses to ““Sir, sir, a euro sir””

  1. Bernard McNamee Says:

    I said no to the traveller who called with her kids last night – the timing is taking advantage of our generosity at Xmas and the kids are there to take advantage of any parent’s instinct to care for children.
    I passed all the homeless in town too. Out for Xmas drinks with friends last night.
    Today I feel I’m walking in the shoes of the US right, or any right in any country. I don’t like these shoes.
    Thinking about it has to be good though. I think I’ll find a way to do something.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Well done Bernard – it’s a woeful situation. I passed the poor creatures in tents on Christmas Day alongside the Kingsley Hotel with it bucketing down incessantly.

      Let’s hope that things will improve in some way.

      Happy New Year

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