Me and my Flymo!

Me and My Flymo!

Me and My Flymo!

Before you get any sudden ideas that I am a grass cutting, green fingers, gardening enthusiast let me promise you that there is nothing I hate more!

The very sight of the lawnmower makes my stomach churn, when the grass growing weather kicks in I always see the clear downside – grass that starts growing ..

For some reason last Saturday one of those strange once off events occurred – having returned from a meeting with a prospect (Saturday was the only day that suited, that’s us for ya!) a weird feeling came over me and I “wanted” to cut the grass and I was actually in good form about it.

I just don’t understand where the feeling came from. I was nearly whistling as I took the trusted Flymo from the shed (if it had feelings and could talk it would have been in fear watching me approach and would definitely have had a thing or two to say).

I grabbed the extension cable, grabbed my iPod and headphones, set the music on shuffle, hit that start button and off I went & what an eventful hour and a half I had.

The kids from the estate, recognising that this was an unusual occurrence were all excited and arrived over and started chatting (despite the headphones) with me and then started teasing by unplugging  the machine – did it bother me, nope .. I was in great form.

The music was kicking – I went through Human League, Faithless, Eels, Oasis, Free, Reuben Steiner and whole pile of other cool stuff, I had a great think about work, life and the universe.

A gentleman approached me (he had put me in the position of expert, I guess!) and asked me about the virtues of the Flymo as he had been warning his son against buying one .. “would you get electrocuted easily with the lead dragging behind you?” was his worry

Nah, just be careful and besides there is no need for petrol and servicing .. the Flymo is great I told him! I changed his mind but he did turn down an opportunity to try out the orange machine  for himself – he had his chance.

Before I knew it the job was finished, the grass was looking respectable, I cleaned the machine, put it back in its home and grabbed a bottle of cold beer and savoured a great job done and this very unusual occurance!

What next I wonder ..

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6 Responses to “Me and my Flymo!”

  1. natasha lynch Says:

    you are amazing! you have a unique ability of making such a mundane task into the most magical! must get my hubbie to read it later – we have a petrol lawnmower – will that make a difference??

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Hi Natasha,

      I try my best !! – Now you might realise that I am a little bit on the crazy side!!

      Thanks for reading the blog as always.



  2. Liam-Og Says:

    If you start getting sick of the flymo again, here’s another solution.

  3. Sam Kidd Says:


    What’s wrong with you, I love cutting the lawn, it’s relaxing, gets you outside and it always makes beer taste amazing afterwords.
    I have to say though I prefer the petrol engine, the sound, the smell from them, it always reminds me of summer. The electric lawnmowers are just all wrong. It’s like your vacuuming your lawn.

    I tell you I would rather be outside there mowing away instead of sitting in the office today, that’s for sure.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      today I am in full agreement – I want to go home, cut the grass, have a beer and watch some world cup matches!

      Cheers & thanks for reading the blog.


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