“Live” Testimonials – Who thinks you are great?


I think you're great !

My poor laptop was starting to fall apart, left mouse button a bit wobbly, battery life of about 2 minutes and a regular dose of crashing and ctrl alt deleting required ..

I just wasn’t up to the trauma of changing, mail system not working, transfer of files and program’s, a few days of frustration …. too busy for all of that!

In the end I was forced to bite the bullet so I rang my buddy Sean Ware from TSG who gave me a really good price on a well spec’d machine and promised to do a painless changeover.

Hmmmm … I wasn’t convinced, it never works out that way!

To be fair to Sean he had convinced us earlier in the year to move to Google Apps for our email service, which not only protected our emails but also made and changeover a lot easier.

A few days after ordering Sean arrived with the new laptop, software installed and even my email was set up. An hour later we were 100% up and running after transferring files and re-installing a few random pieces of software that I use.

I must hand it to him – the transfer was incredibly painless.

I paid him and sincerely thanked him for the great service.

Going out the door Sean winked at me and suggested that if I was really happy with the service I might “tweet” out that I was happy. To be honest he didn’t need to suggest it as I would have done it in any case! I was more than happy to oblige of course.

“Live” Testimonials

This is where social media is absolutely brilliant – you can capture “live testimonials” for you and your business for all to see.

Word of mouth was always the best form of referral and the traditional face to face method was the only way this really travelled. Now with your Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn presence (of these LinkedIn personal recommendations are the most permanent and  powerful) you have an opportunity for anyone that is happy with you and your business to post that positive feedback “live” – what better way to capture that your customers are satisfied with you?

Next time someone tells you that you are great you know what to say to them!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion PR

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4 Responses to ““Live” Testimonials – Who thinks you are great?”

  1. Sam Kidd Says:

    Sean does great work that for sure. He was very fast when we upgraded our machines the other day. We love the new screens 🙂 post.ly/5YABc

  2. exploreclonbur Says:

    Brilliant, so then to “tweet, is the internet’s word of mouth, i hope this will work out to our business advantage, however i wonder with tweeting are we just increasing our working day. In years to come it will then be important for sme’s to be hiring ‘TWEETERS to do this work.
    I do agree that social media is powerful but i look to my father who is a proprietor of a successful engineering component retail and distribution network, who to this day has never built a website, neither has he subscribed to any of the social media trends, and he has been in business for 40 years.

    If i suggested to tweet my father he would probably suggest councelling!

    Great blog i hope the new IT goes well.

  3. Lottie Hearn Says:

    Then the next step is Live testimonials via Video.

    They make such an impact as we see the real person sharing their positive experience – unless they are a professional presenter it’s hard to lie on camera!

    A quick easy way to share is by creating an Eyejot.com account to send Vmails – video emails.

    For other ideas and tips to film your own, we are busy building our Video library of interviews and tips at http://pressplaypresentations.com

    Look forward to seeing you there!

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