That song ..

Train journeyThat song begins and it gently grabs hold of you, it wraps around your heart and suddenly you become breathless, it takes you back to a special moment, a place, a feeling – if you close your eyes you are there …

That song …. thank you for capturing the memory

What’s your special song?

12 Responses to “That song ..”

  1. Dermot Sullivan Says:

    For me it has to be “No Feelings” by the Sex Pistols.

  2. Joan Cashman Says:

    Fot me it has to be Stevie Wonder “I just called to say I love you”. It was played non stop while we were on our honeymoon. It conjures up all the memories, the smell, the feelings….. The sun splitting the stones, not a care in the world, the beginning of a new life together. I’m going to download it on my iPod now actually and relive the moment.

  3. Derek Rusk Says:

    Hi Greg, for me the song has to be”Sunshine of your love” by Cream. It doesn’t so much wrap it’s arms around you as whacks you on the back of your head with a lump of pig-iron. Sheer genius.

  4. Derek Rusk Says:

    Hey Greg how about these songs: Like the way I do by Melissa Etheridge or Diamonds on my windshield by Tom Waits. Melissa for what she can do with THAT voice and Tom for pure theatre.

  5. jacquiocJackie Says:

    Wonderful tonight , Eric Clapton!

  6. Antoinette McInerney Says:

    Stumbling in by Suzy Quatro and Chris Norman, always turn it up and dance like a mad woman….

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