Grey matters

Grey or brown with grey flecks?How will I recognise Deirdre and Greg?” , Gina’s mum asked. Gina is one of the Fuzion crew and her mum does some work at Manor West Retail Park in Tralee. We were attending an event at the centre and her mum wanted to introduce herself.

Greg is tall with grey curly hair and Dee will more than likely be with him” … That’s a reasonable explanation but it came to me like a devastating bolt from the blue and nearly knocked me over when I heard it..

Grey, are you kidding? ….. my hair is brown with some flecks of grey” I seriously questioned Gina’s explanation of my hair colour … “No Greg, your hair is grey” she reassured me with a definite sense of authority but I was still convinced that she was just winding me up.

The truth is I wasn’t kidding – surely I know better than anyone else what colour my hair is? I look at it everyday in the mirror and without giving it a lot of thought I truly believed my mop of hair was brown with grey flecks !

This little “realisation moment” occurred towards the end of last year and it did knock me back … The boy is officially getting (looking at least) old!

This does tell you a lot about how we see ourselves and how differently others see us …. It does tell you how everything is constantly changing and we need to realise that our assumptions and beliefs need flexibility to match ….. It does tell you that you can be wrong about things that are under or over your nose!

It does tell me that sadly eyesight might also be an issue!!

I could pretend that when I had brown hair people underestimated my incredible “wisdom” because I looked so young – as a result I decided to dye it grey so I looked older!!!

Would I get away with that one do you think?

Because after all …. Grey matters!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion PR

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12 Responses to “Grey matters”

  1. Tom Says:

    I had a similar experience recently, although it was a little better when I was told that I didnt look as old in real life as I did in my profile picture …

    Now I am conflicted whether to update my profile pic to be a bit more youthful – or just accept the positive feedback and the benefit of exceeding expectations … either way though I think my days playing rugby are numbered … and I may be relegated to the veterans league soon enough …


  2. irishminx Says:

    Great blog Greg & you’re right boy 😉
    I think better grey, than the alternative 😉

  3. JackL Says:

    Always amazed at people who come up to me and say .. Jesus you’ve lost your hair! Is it that they think I haven’t noticed? Although judging by Gre(y)g’s experience I suppose it’s possible!

  4. girlwhowinks Says:

    Greg, as with all things we are never one thing twice. We are different every day. Unfortunately that doesn’t make it easy to describe things or people so we tend to use striking adjectives to create impressions. Sometimes these sound like cartoons but they work! You could do a Peter Kelly and wear a brooch or a carnation maybe? To be honest I’d mention the curls first!

  5. Oonagh Says:

    It’s Greg Matters not grey matters!

  6. Sue Says:

    If your 7 year old son describes your hair as ‘yellow with bits of black’ can you describe yourself as blonde?

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