Kate Middleton – Will I or won’t I?

Kate Middleton

Those guys should put a shirt on !

I’m sitting by the pool with my husband William, it’s roasting – I wouldn’t mind taking the opportunity to relax and top up my tan.

Maybe I will take off my top and get a proper tan so I can avoid those awful white lines. Is it proper, is it appropriate – where are the security guys? I don’t really fancy them gawping at me!!

What should I do? Will William mind? What if I get spotted, who’s going to spot me?

Will I or won’t I?  To hell with it – that top is coming off …. Bliss!

Paparazzi - Kate Middleton


I’ve been waiting here for hours…. For God’s sake will one of ye stand up and at least give me a decent picture so I can get out of here and get on with my day and pitch these pictures to someone and make a few bob.

That’s right Kate, stand up, please stand up – oh my god, I wasn’t expecting that! Click, click, click …. These pictures are like gold dust.

Am I the first person ever to get a picture of Kate Middleton topless? Woohoo!! These must be worth a fortune, how much will I charge for them? Where will I go on holidays!

Will I get in trouble, what about all that privacy stuff!

Will I or won’t I? Damn right I will …who do I call first?

Closer Magazine - Kate Middleton edition

Payday !

I’m getting ready for this weeks magazine, it’s not that juicy – wouldn’t it be great if I had something decent for the front cover and some content that would really make a difference instead of recycling all the usual celebs.

Victoria at a fashion show, has Katie Holmes been pictured chatting to some good looking guy at a coffee shop and poor Cheryl ….how much more time can we squeeze out of that one?

You really have pictures of Kate Middleton topless! Are you kidding me? How much do you want for them? And you will give those to us first … this is huge, I’ll have to check with my boss.

Oh my God, there will be uproar about this but what a coup! The poor girl on holidays, she had no idea that photographer had her in his sights, god bless technology! Imagine if it was me on holidays, how would I feel? Our readers would definitely love it and my circulation figures will be colossal – we can be the first to ever carry pictures of Kate topless!

Will I or won’t I? Hmmm … Go for it, call that photographer, try to bargain him down but get the deal done.

Irish Daily Star

But we’re Irish?

That rule doesn’t really apply to us, surely it can’t ? It’s ok for them over the pond to be sensitive about the Royal family but to us they’re just like another celebrity, isn’t Kate just like Sheryl or Rhianna after all?

I know there is a big storm and the Royal family are threatening to sue the French and Italian magazine group – surely that is just talk? It’ll probably go nowhere.

Privacy laws – in fairness, this is no worse than a lot of the stuff we do on an ongoing basis. It probably won’t come to much, other than a little slap on the back of the hand. They’ve printed them anyway so why not give our readers what they want ? It won’t do our circulation figures any harm either!

Will I or won’t I? Ok lads, extra copies to be printed for Saturday, it’s going to be a big one!!

Katelook what you have done!

Thank you for changing the conversation and for sparing us a few days of property tax, budget talk, austerity and EU misery …

Will I or won’t I?.. glad you did!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Glossy magazines Closer in France and Chi Chi in Italy were the first to publish topless pictures of Kate Middleton snapped relaxing on holidays in a private villa. The Irish Daily Star published these pictures the following Saturday.

Fuzion are a Marketing and PR firm with offices in Cork and Dublin

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10 Responses to “Kate Middleton – Will I or won’t I?”

  1. Chris Wigg (@chriswigg1) Says:

    Hi. Greg – you may not know that, under US and French copyright law, which includes things like intellectual property rights, the subject owns the copyright of the image, not the photographer. Such photographs of ANYONE cannot be published in France. So what has happened is like a “retweet” on Twitter. Here and in the UK, the photographer owns the image and the rights, which is why the paparazzi are so active. Also, that’s why the poster of U2 on your son’r bedroom wall contains the copyright “C” in a circle in small print at the bottom of it. For the same sort of reason as the “pirated” photos of the Duchess of Cambridge were used, there are similar laws (frequently flouted in our great little country) concerning fake Nike, Adidas and even Rolex products.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      great post Chris – I didn’t appreciate the difference in law between France and the UK. It is a “fair” law that the subject is entitled to their photos – what do you think?

  2. Fergal Bell Says:

    The editor of the Irish Daily Star, Michael O’Kane has been suspended now, following complaints by their UK partner.

    It seemed a bit of a storm in a tea cup (or a D cup). I think the couple are perfectly entitled to their privacy when they’re relaxing at home. But there were comparisons in some media quarters to the death of Diana, which seems a bit outlandish.

    There does seem to have been a storm in the UK against the publication in different countries. I doubt this would have happened a few years ago before the phone hacking. Perhaps people have begun to react against invasions of privacy. I’m not convinced they have, but it would be good!

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Michael being suspended – I wonder is that disproportionate or “window dressing” to take the heat out of the situation. At least Kate has ignited a big conversation about privacy – it might help other people. After all, everyone (not juts Kate & William) should be entitled to it.

      • Fergal Bell Says:

        It could very well be. I guess we’ll see what happens.

        I couldn’t agree more with you about people having the right to privacy. Surely we’re all entitled to live our lives without intrusion by the media. Not that it’s an issue for most of us, not being celebrities!

        I heard it said once that there’s a distinction between what the public is interested in and the public interest.

      • Greg Canty Says:

        great distinction !

  3. Donncha Hughes Says:

    Will I or won’t I. Glad you wrote this amusing yet serious post. Well done. Definitely a better read than looking out at the dark sky waiting for the wife to come home with the kids. Calm before the storm.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      thanks Donnacha !

      • Donncha Hughes Says:

        I think that one serious aspect of this incident as highlighted by this post is to show that decisions have consequences. Decisions have consequences firstly in that they can cause a chain of events most of which are out of your control. Secondly they have consequences in terms of the reaction they may cause within your realm. Thinking about decision making and leadership brings me back to that old chestnut of people taking risks. It is the over the top, often vested interest driven, reaction to decisions that makes people shut down to innovation, shut down to taking bold moves, and stops them trying new things. It would be a boring world indeed if people felt that they had to conform to the safe decision in every situation. Balance is a wonderful thing!

      • Greg Canty Says:

        Thanks Donnacha – today we all need to make a big decision, whatever it is !!

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