Dads and Daughters ..

Ellen Canty - shopping

Now what will I get ?

I found myself standing in a packed MAC concession store in Brown Thomas while my fabulous daughter went through nearly every shade of make-up, lipstick and eye shadow in the store!

This was the week before Christmas and our little tradition is that we head into town together, grab a coffee and then we go shopping for Christmas presents for her – to be honest the biggest present is the time that we put aside for just the two of us.

Last year’s shopping expedition took forever and knocked the stuffing out of both of us as we wandered from shop to shop crumbling  under the stress of too much choice and not enough budget!!

This year I think she learned from the stress of the previous year’s experience and had her heart set on one place …the MAC store!

It’s awkward being a guy in those scenarios..the store was packed full of women browsing, sampling, gazing in mirrors and soaking up the advice of eager but patient assistants. The girls stare at you as if you just shouldn’t be taking up some of their valuable floor space and the odd one will give you a friendly and sympathetic smile.

I stand aside while Ellen does her shopping. While I am waiting I see my beloved Liverpool conceding 3 against Aston Villa at home – thanks twitter …aghhh!

Eventually (to be honest it was quicker than I had feared) she settles on what she wants and Dad gets the nod ….credit card time!

Ellen Canty - coffee

Rest !

Phew …we have a nice lunch and she has to go back to the MAC store again …for a few more bits – I admit it, I just don’t get it (a buddy Phil Moore tells me on Twitter @philleonono that I’m not supposed to get it!).

Before we head home …we head for a cuppa and a glass of vino.

Daughters …you just gotta love them.

Merry Christmas Ellen, I had a great day ya

Dad x

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8 Responses to “Dads and Daughters ..”

  1. Siubhán Says:

    Aw! Don’t ya just love daddies ! (No matter what age you are !) what a lovely tradition ! Merry Christmas you guys !

  2. Trich Says:

    Greg Dad’s who make time for their daughters, like you do, are THE best Dad’s. I just wish more men were as generous with their time, as you are. Bravo. Happy Christmas to you and yours 🙂

  3. realizecoaching Says:

    Great post Greg – lovely to celebrate Christmas with each family member in their way – happy Christmas

  4. Denis Coleman Says:

    Great Post Greg…It is so important to take time out of the day to day stresses and make time for the things that are really important…Thanks for sharing.


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