Those Days are well and truly gone

Apple Umbrellas

Handy brand ?

Those days are well and truly gone” she said with a nod that demonstrated clarity and conviction around the topic. Around the table everyone nodded their heads agreeing with the wise statement and more importantly the sentiment.

We were working on an event with some very high profile, weighty organisations. This was a planning meeting and the marketing representatives from each organisation were in attendance. The event was very progressive and was targeting attendees that were perfect for each of the participating organisations.

It sounded like a blast from the past when someone around the table suggested a “goodie bag” for the attendees. I hate that description – I immediately think of a branded plastic bag with some literature and a few bits. However I always saw the absolute sense in the “right” branded item that helps make your brand connect with the attendees.

If it is the right item and is useful and durable your brand could appear in all sorts of places being used over and over by your target audience – how bad?

The big danger is that we sit and discuss and because of the “economic climate” we too easily reject things that could make total sense without thinking properly about our objectives.

Why did we do this “stuff” before – was it because we had loads of money and we wanted to chuck it away or was it because it was simply a great idea ?

It”s pouring outside and I grab my really decent umbrella with that “logo” on it ….that brand has done a lot of travelling since the event I got it at!

A lot of what we did before made sense – those days may not be gone after all!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing & PR firm with offices in Dublin and Cork

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9 Responses to “Those Days are well and truly gone”

  1. Robert Daly Says:

    Here! Here !
    The danger is that economic difficulty will overshadow any consideration for practical and obvious solutions/options.

    We sometimes move so fast to minimise cost that we miss the easiest and most effective opportunities, resulting in inferior solutions in the long run.

    It behoves us all to have the courage of our convictions and, more importantly, our experiences and not to be afraid to speak out against the naysayers and champion our convictions.

    Marketing considerations should not be automatically consigned to the reject pile because the accountants shout loudest and first.

  2. Niall Kenny Says:

    I might seem biased, but do agree that the “Goodie Bag” of old was a great idea and very simple to execute. but it does have to be put together with the target market in mind and yes, with the view that included items are not just stored in a cupboard, but have a practical use and will be seen by others. Most promotional Companies now make that easy and cost effective for the customer. There are other options, like branded pens that can be used in lieu of business cards and can be handed out with ease. Never known a person to refuse a nice pen!. even hand a batch out to your local courier – as they do their rounds, you are guaranteed your pen being left in the office of your next “Dream Client”. – now, that would be value for money.

  3. Peter Maguire Says:

    Greg, totally agree with your sentiments here, too many times in business is the long term gain for the organisation sacrificed for the short-term financial reporting gain due to the short sighted nature of business financing. This applies in a lot of areas and not just in marketing and in other non-core areas such as IT etc decisions are often made to make the figures look right but which ultimately are detrimental to the business or end up costing mutliples more to rectify.

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