Petty Cash and the Red Head


We were working to a strict budget but we knew we needed another person in the company to cover a few key areas of weakness.

The person would have to be a really organised all rounder who could help with stock control, provide some admin support and take over the credit control function.

It was a big ask finding the right person to do all of this in particular for the budget we were offering.

I was the financial controller of both Deasy & Co in Cork and Connacht Mineral Water Co in Galway, both Guinness subsidiaries.

I was in Galway early in the morning to conduct interviews with John, the General Manager. Both of us were in our early twenties, bursting a gut to drive on our careers but in reality quite inexperienced.

Applicant after applicant came through and we weren’t finding anyone that fitted the bill.

Eventually a really well dressed attractive young woman came through the door for interview. This gorgeous redhead wearing a sharp suit sat down confidently and answered all of our questions with authority.

To be honest she had taken both our breaths away –  in some way I think both of us were willing her to give us the right answers!

As the interview progressed and we were falling further under the spell of this confident, bright young woman I could hear the different voices in my head “just give her the job“, “give her the job now and forget about the other interviews” “be responsible Greg, start probing …

You know the job on offer would involve some credit control?” I asked

I know, that’s no problem” she replied confidently

A lot of people find credit control a difficult thing to do, would you be ok with it?” I probed further

Yes, I would be totally fine with that” she responded but not as assured as earlier.

How would you describe credit control?” my final question

She batted her eyelids, flicked her red hair and smiled at both of us “Would that have something to do with petty cash?

We knew we would both be fired within a month if we gave our attractive redhead the job and eventually we settled for a good solid young lad, who we would have to give some training to, so he could manage all aspects of the job.

The fancy package isn’t always the one that will get the job done!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing, PR and Design firm in Ireland with offices in Cork and Dublin

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2 Responses to “Petty Cash and the Red Head”

  1. audreymcsweeney Says:

    Good Morning Greg – i’m picturing Joan from Mad Men when reading that!

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