The next guy paying for what the last guy did!

Paul Kelly - Console

That’s the last time I’m holding the door open for someone,

It’s the last time I’m going to let someone out in traffic,

The last time I’m going to open my mouth and offer an opinion,

The last time I’m going to spend loads of time on a proposal,

The last time I’m going to pay for lunch,

The last time I’m donating to charity,

The last time I’m going to give an honest answer,

The last time I’m doing pro bono work,

The time I’m going to trust a suppliers word,

The last time I’m going to look after a staff member,

The last time I trust someone and give them credit,

The last time I donate to a charity…..

While we must always learn from our experiences we must be really careful that the next guy doesn’t get short changed because of what happened with  the  last one.

Never stop being prepared to do good things.

Greg Canty 

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion who offer Marketing, PR and Graphic Design services from our offices in Dublin and Cork

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6 Responses to “The next guy paying for what the last guy did!”

  1. Paul McMenamy Says:

    Agree 100% Greg. Too much of this on our planet, unfortunately, and maybe for good reasons BUT these are also the opportunities to re-ignite belief in the “humanity” of the human race. Nice reminder, thanks.

  2. Tara Says:

    Yes, it is difficult to keep positive, particularly in the current climate and in the industry I’m involved, I’ve never seen the likes of the nastiness apparent over the last few years. I suppose that’s how you can judge the measure of people – how they behave when the chips are down. Having said that, there are much stronger signs of community support for each other than was apparent during the Celtic Tiger. Are we returning to a better society?

  3. Sandra Doody Says:

    Greg … I think you mean cynical not cyclical. Apologies it is the teacher coming out in me, just think how lucky you are that I do not have a cyber red pen.

    Reference your post, there is a balance between having faith in mankind and at the same time not being a door mat. My motto is ” Always trust your gut instinct” because it normally never leads you astray. You know that feeling when the numbers on paper stack up but your gut is saying something different. I go with my gut instinct all the time. It has to feel right and it is the same with people.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      I’ve corrected that teacher!! Typing too quick ..

      Great point about “gut” instinct. I agree with you totally but at times even gut can let you down.


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