Eircom Business Customer Service!

Eircom Business

Eircom Business

I am sure that I am not the first to have experienced lousy customer service but I just have to blog about Eircom. At a time when we are all busting a gut to get by, delivering excellent customer service it astounds me how some companies can get away with the total opposite.

Without going into the blow by blow of the story they made a total shambles of a simple leasing agreement on a phone system and put us on a careless business tariff that had us paying about €300/400 too much every month. This went on for over a year – I was offered a credit of €200.

Read on …. the text of my last email to them (lets see if they are listening to their customers online: I will circulate the blog on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter)

email: 4th Feb 2010

Hi Padraic,

This is going from bad to worse ..

In response to your efforts to get this sorted on your side I received a call yesterday from a ‘Debbie’ in Eircom.

While very pleasant and courteous she seemed to be quite junior. She politely explained that her credit jurisdiction did not extend beyond €200 and if I wanted to achieve something more than this I would have to make an ‘official complaint’!

Aaaaaahhhhhhh …. what in the name of god is going on at Eircom.

In fairness to Debbie she saw the funny side and acknowledged that what was going on and my steady flow of correspondence did qualify me as ‘a complainer’. She totally empathised with me and promised that someone with some sort of authority would call me back in half an hour.

I needn’t tell you that I never received a call from anyone.

Officially ‘This is a complaint’ to Eircom and not me writing for the fun of it.

I would appreciate some action please.


Greg Canty

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion Communications

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5 Responses to “Eircom Business Customer Service!”

  1. Alan Carroll Says:

    I hear you man, Eircom customer service is a shambles, a complete nightmare and not a positive customer experience at all….

  2. Greg Canty Says:

    Thanks for the comment Alan – watch this space as the man says!

    Ironically I received an email circular from Eircom informing me about some Business Boot Camp event that are involved in!

    I hate when marketing have an objective that is totally disjointed with the reality of the business – not exactly ‘Ronsealing’ as we like to say.

    Cheers – I will keep you posted !

  3. tmocork Says:

    Cowboys Ted! They’re bloody cowboys!

  4. dax Says:

    Same issues here with residential packages here had to make a formal complaint to customer services before the issue to be looked into not resolved yet…

  5. Ger Walsh Says:

    Hi Greg

    I found them so useless that I got rid of my landline and now it’s Vodafone all the way for me

    Regards to Dee


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