Small Gestures that make a HUGE Difference

Thank You - Fuzion

Small Gestures that make a HUGE Difference

We came into work today and as usual first thing, collected the post and went about opening each of the envelopes .. the usual few bills, some promotional mail, a cheque or two (we like them!) , bank statements and a nice square unusual hand written envelope, which we left till last.
That last envelope was a simple “good luck in the new office” card, handwritten with a nice personal message. A really simple gesture at a time when we just don’t tend to get around to doing things like that anymore.
Quite simply it put us into great form and it put the sender in a great place in our heads. You would do something special for them, you feel appreciated and you would go the extra mile for them if the need arose.
I have been meaning to write this piece for a while because it has really struck me in the last few months the power of simple gestures. This year alone we received thank you cards for work done, a thank you voucher, thank you emails, a personalised gift that was brought back from holidays by a client, flowers, wine, scones to the office, chocolates, thank you notes accompanying cheques and even a really clever personalised t-shirt.

The fabulous thing is that none of these gifts cost the moon except for a little thought and effort.

For all of us they are Wow!

We always work hard for our clients but for these guys we would move mountains, if that is possible.

My message, is think about saying thank you, buy some thank you cards, bring scones to a meeting and even something a little extra if the situation warrants it.

You will not only stand out as being special but you will always get it back tenfold, but as I said, that’s not why you do it.

You do it to say thank you.

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion Communications

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