Be nice to the elderly woman!

Pay it Forward

It pays to be nice!

This week I heard a really simple story by a guy who was participating in one of our training courses. He supplied corporate and domestic cleaning services and at the early stages of  building his business he was desperately trying to get some custom from the biggest hotel in his town. Despite all attempts he realised that he could not shift the incumbent supplier who the hotel were extremely loyal to so he eventually stopped trying.

Some time later he was asked to clean the carpets in this elderly woman’s house, which he did and at the end of a very long and tiring day he finished the job and packed away all of his cleaning gear. The old woman realised that there was another room upstairs that she had forgotten about and she asked him would he look after it.

Even though it was late and it would take an age to unpack and set up all of his cleaning gear again he decided he would go ahead, unload and clean the extra room. The woman thanked him and did acknowledge the extra work and inconvenience that was involved in cleaning the extra room.

Two weeks later he received a call from the hotel to come and clean some of their carpets.

Guess who was related to the elderly woman?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion PR

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11 Responses to “Be nice to the elderly woman!”

  1. Mark Says:

    You never know who you are talking to. Remember, the toes you are treading on today may very well be connected to the backside you have to kiss tomorrow.

  2. irishminx Says:

    Brilliant story Greg & tells why honouring your work & client is vital 😉

  3. Ted Says:

    Nice story Greg,its amazing when you put some good karma out there, it has a way of returning.
    Two Christmas’s ago whilst coming out of mass on christmas morning, the steps of the church had become iced up while we were at mass.I helped some ladies down the steps and across the walkway to a grassy verge, Health & Safety at its purest. One of those ladies has given me the contract for Health & Safety for a company she owns.

  4. John Ring Says:

    Simple but probably true. Everyone knows people – especially in a small country like Ireland.

  5. paulallenauto Says:

    Nice story and result Greg.
    In business good service is expected and most often goes unnoticed. What’s more obvious is exceptional service, that extra unexpected effort and it’s here that your reputation and brand grow legs. Companies should always be on the look out and never miss the opportunity to give exceptional service.

  6. Michael Says:

    Great story Greg. Thanks. Really liked your talk too on Blogs at the Skillnet course. Hope to talk to ya soon. All the best. Michael

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