Breaking bread together

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Where will we go to lunch today?

Every Friday the team at Fuzion go to lunch together – we call it Fuzion Friday!

No matter what happens, no matter how busy we are we keep Friday precious and break bread together. Its a time when we chill out for a while, chat about the week, relax, crack a few jokes and simply bond over a bite of grub and yes, if we’re not too much under pressure we will share a bottle of vino.

We started this tradition a number of years back when it was just me, Dee and Ali in the team and somehow we never stopped and now the whole bunch of us go – that’s 9 of us when we are all together! Sometimes we might bring a client along and even the odd brave journalist has been known to join us. When things were very tight financially (when aren’t they!) the crew came to us and suggested that maybe we should stop this practice as it was probably costing us too much.

For us the ritual of sharing a meal together and de-stressing, just for a while every week is too precious and worth too much not to do.  I look forward to it so much – it’s a simple ritual that signifies we have pulled together as a team through another busy week. After all what is the point if we can’t do this?

I have worked in small companies and I have worked in large organisations and for me the most important thing is being happy – we spend so much of our time in work it is vital that we enjoy who we work with and that we enjoy a happy atmosphere together. For the most part my working life has been in good places with a good atmosphere but I have also experienced the total opposite. If that is you then “get out” – it will eat you up.

Now, don’t get me wrong – we do have our moments when we are under stress and everything isn’t Utopia (invoice day!) but to be honest they are more the exception.

I work with a great bunch, I will always protect the positive atmosphere because I just couldn’t bear the opposite – life is just too short to be unhappy at work.

I started this blog to share a particular story with you but realised half way through that the story of breaking bread together was worth a stage all of its own. I’ll tell you the other story next week!

Break bread with your team this week .. 


Greg Canty is a  parter of Fuzion

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14 Responses to “Breaking bread together”

  1. irishminx Says:

    Admirably & wise Greg.
    You get that it is people who are important.
    Now days, that is rare…..
    Fuzion rocks \o/

  2. Peter Horgan Says:

    Interesting that it is every Friday – always good to get out of the office environment and sample Cork’s restaurants…. as for the wine though – now that’s pure Celtic Tiger!

  3. EdelWilliamsLifetimes Says:

    Greg, I am with you there all the way. A positive working environment fostered by everyone in the company/organisation no matter the size and no matter the position occupied means that everyone pulls together in the good times and indeed perhaps more importantly in the bad. We try to do this as a group too, but its twice a month. If we can’t go out, we do something in-house to share our appreciation and just chill out and have a laugh. This week we had a cake bake-off… what a laugh! It was just want we all needed, its been a stressful week and we got to enjoy some wonderful baking too. Check out my notes and comments in the latest edition of Lifetimes at You should appreciate this! And Greg, thank crunchie its Friday!!!!!

  4. Conor George Says:

    Nicely said and done.

  5. Pat McCarthy Says:

    Hi Greg, a great blog as usual and “food” for thought. Breaking bread together is a great bonding between people, after all, we do it for all the major milestones in our lives. It is great to get a gang together and celebrate the successful end to another week, and the senior and junior people in the office/workplace are on the one level and get to know each other as equals. I cannot think of a better way to encourage partnership in a work environment than taking time to eat together in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Long may it continue at Fuzion :-))

  6. Heidi Grimwood Says:

    We are running too fast and sometimes run past success. This is a fabulous way to ensure we develop our team, enjoy our work and most important – breathe!

  7. Myra ryall Says:

    That is lovely…. I like that tradition.

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