Twitter and the New Car!

Car Salesman

At least this guy was making an effort!

My meeting had gone well, I was in a really positive frame of mind so I decided I would take the first step towards possibly ordering a new car for the start of 2012.

On the way back from my meeting I popped into a car showroom just to get a feel for the prices of the new cars, the second hand cars and of course what I would manage to get as a trade in for the Santa Fe that had served us well since the beginning of 2007 despite the high mileage.

I first spent some time looking at the “premium collection” parked outside, the collection of two and three year old cars all in great condition. Hmmm … not bad at all!

I then dared to venture into the showroom to look at the new models and I must admit feeling excited about the thought of being able to drive one of these beauties at the start of 2012. I was waiting for the approach from the salesman to start a possible conversation that could have resulted in a sale – a few of them were busy at their desks, a few walked past me with folders and a few were chatting to other possible customers.

I looked, I waited, I looked again and I must admit after a while that I was feeling a little deflated as car salesman after car salesman seemed to decide that I was an unworthy customer – did I look broke, did I look like a “tyre kicker”, did I look like another casual browser who was just going to waste their time? In any event I ended up leaving after about 20 minutes having spoken to no one.

Those who know me quite well will not be surprised that how I was feeling at that moment was shared on Twitter … “I must look like I am broke, the car salesmen didn’t come near me” I tweeted.

Jaguar XF

I know .... isn't it a beauty!

About 10 minutes later I received a call from a friend of mine who is in the motor trade who had spotted my tweet – he was initially concerned that this could have been his car showroom and that there was some issue with his customer service. I assured him that it wasn’t and that if my route back from my meeting passed his place I would have definitely have called in. Needless to say the conversation came around to me possibly being in the market for a new car..

I collected it beauty on the 5th January, it’s a beauty..

Who said twitter was a waste of time for business ..?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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18 Responses to “Twitter and the New Car!”

  1. John Delea Says:

    This story does not surprise me at all. And retailers wonder why they are slack in business.

    This is what I would do if I were in your situation:

    I would drive back to the car showroom and ask to see the owner/manager.

    I would take him outside and show him my stunning new car.

    I would then say ” I spent €xyz on this beauty. Your business could have had my money, but nobody bothered to approach or receive me when I called in. I waited for twenty minutes.

    I would then jump into my car, bid him farewell & drive off.

    Best regards….

  2. irishminx Says:

    Happy & safe driving 🙂

  3. Mairead Cummins Says:

    Beautiful car Greg. Congratulations.

  4. John Kennedy Says:

    No Greg it’s a car… nothing else, and it dropped at least €4,500 when you drove it off the lot.
    New car story, my nephew works with a technology company, which, despite the challenging times, are holding their own, in order to ensure continued employment levels the staff agreed to a voluntary pay freeze for 2 years, and, an overtime cutback. all shoulders to the wheel etc..
    Things were going swimmingly until the company returned after the Christmas break, when the M.D. turned up in his 12 reg. 7 Series, big mistake, it may have just been a lease rollover, but, he now has a very disgruntled workforce and lost all sense of solidarity, as the staff intend to ensure they get lots and lots of overtime.
    Perception is a terrible thing, first thing to pop into my mind if you turned up on my doorstep? is he expecting me to pay for his new motor?, particularly when I am forced to seriously review all my business overheads.
    Safe driving, keep it between the ditches

    • Greg Canty Says:

      The 7 series story was insensitive and dumb.

      Which car is an intesting one and will be the subject of a blog soon – I deliberated about what type of car I should get and even spoke to a few clients. Turn up in an older car or turn up in something new and slick. Opinion is divided, some have your opinion and others quite clearly feel that they want to work with a successful company.

      Success follows success as long as it is packaged right !

  5. audreymcsweeney Says:

    Well Done Greg! Loved your story and delighted to see your fab new car. All jokes aside i do think it would be worth an e-mail to the car dealership you originally went to. They can either take it in the genuine spirit it’s meant or ignore it – either way if it were my business I’d like to get feedback from the ground. I had to tell a client once about a bad experience i had in his showroom and i was worried that it would effect our business relationship but it actually made it much better. If you do contact them – let us all know how you get on!

  6. Conor Hughes Says:

    May you have many years of safe driving Greg!

  7. Peadar Gill Says:

    Nice car Mr C!

  8. steve kavanagh Says:

    It’s funny about how something as necessary, and indeed as ordinary, as a car can excite such a wide range of emotional responses! For my part, I tend to replace them when they actually wear out!

    I once met an elderly jewish accountant, who always parked an old, but spotless, Rolls Royce, outside his offices, which were in a fairly drab parade of shops in North-East London. When I asked why he did not have a newer and less ostentatious car, he replied that by having the “Roller” at his front door, new clients came to him as he was perceived as being very successful at what he did. He considered it as the best way of advertising his firm!

    Clearly success breeds success!

    Drive safe!


  9. Laurence Says:

    Great story – Personally I wouldn’t waste my time giving that business feedback !! Enjoy the new car.

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