Twitter Radio

Twitter RadioTwitter is rubbish, there is nothing but people telling me stupid things about what they are up to. What do I care?

This is pretty much what I hear from typical Twitter sceptics ..

It’s your own fault” I tell them – they hate that!

You are the one who chose who to follow and if you don’t like what someone is saying just unfollow them ..

Just like a radio if you don’t like what is playing then change the channel.

On twitter you can even arrange who you are following into distinct lists (channels) and depending on what you are doing, you may decide to just look at the twitter feed from a specific list. Using the powerful search function you may even create a special channel for people who are tweeting about a specific topic or using a keyword in their tweets.’s just like a radio except you are the producer and you decide what gets played!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion with offices in Cork and Dublin offer social media training and consultancy services 

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9 Responses to “Twitter Radio”

  1. Costantino Roselli Says:

    Exactly! Simple and to the point. This is the real difference between the previous TV-life that you just receive information with no reaction. You have billion options and you can interact. You can tell your opinion. You can create communities, forums and build ideas. Social media is about action and not just read posts. This what I write about here

  2. Antoinette Mc Inerney Says:

    Right, I’m off to figure that out! Great analogy! Regards, Antoinette McInerney

  3. Caroline Says:

    Twitter genuinely is my radio: I don’t hear on the airwaves, so tweets are a direct conduit to the social buzz (breaking news, too). My folks are amazed how informed I am, since joining twitter 5 years ago: they only knew my life-long position of being on the news back-foot.

    That’s the proof you need…

  4. Mary Says:

    Couldn’t agree more!!!

  5. Aine de Barra Says:

    We at Irish Radio International are currently building our content and would like to know what folk would be interested in hearing that is not on conventional radio?

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