Discrimination against men!

Discrimination against men

I’m up to here with quotas for women and schemes and incentives .. enough!

The latest that has come onto my radar is a scheme and fund by Enterprise Ireland for “Ambitious Women”.

www.enterprise-ireland.com/ambitiouswomen – get your entry in because applications close on the 10th September!

Deirdre Clune - Fine GaelI spotted the very talented and intelligent Fine Gael Senator Deirdre Clune, blogging about it on her website  with the headline “New Fund means more Women will be at the Forefront of Irish Business“.

Now … before I go any further you are probably thinking that I have something against women.

I don’t!

I work with a team of women who are absolutely brilliant and during the course of my work I deal with incredible, intelligent, talented, professional and quite impressive women on an ongoing basis.

If you asked me to make a list of people who have impressed me lately, then truthfully more women would be on that list than men!

If you look around you and observe you can see some of these women rising to the top and starting to take the top positions in organisations. In political circles we are seeing exactly the same – Deirdre could very well be one of these in time.

The new Enterprise Ireland scheme (don’t get me wrong, any new scheme promoting entrepreneurship is great) is according to the blurb designed to “accelerate the number of high potential female-led businesses being set up in Ireland

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mr Richard Bruton stated “I’m delighted to add that this recent announcement follows on from two other successful female entrepreneurship funds which were launched last year.

If you read on you get even more of it: “The funding call is open to female-led start-ups in Manufacturing and Internationally Traded Services including Internet, Games, Apps, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Lifesciences, Food, Consumer Products, Medical Devices and e-Health – This means that women can pursue viable business ideas in a multitude of areas, which in turn could generate jobs and get the economy moving

I do hope in addition to helping women jump start their business ideas the fund will also advance Ireland’s reputation on the world stage as these business areas are all globally exciting and sustainable.”

So, a female start up will get assistance but a guy with the same proposition won’t? Hmmm..

Ambitious and talented women in Ireland ….do you really want to be singled out for such special attention?

Such schemes specifically promoting women in business are wrong and if you think about it discriminatory to men and totally missing the point.

We need to be encouraging everyone to start a business – come on!

If there was a similar scheme for men, women would be up in arms and rightfully so.

Condoleezza RiceAmbitious women, wherever you are stand up and go for it

…not because there is a scheme or a quota but because you want it, you deserve it and you are more than able!

No Fund will mean more women are at the forefront of Irish business – you can do it for yourselves the same as the rest of us! 

P.S. I’m waiting for the torrent of abuse when I publish this post – It won’t be pretty!!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion 

Fuzion are a Marketing, PR and Graphic Design firm in Ireland with offices in Cork and Dublin

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31 Responses to “Discrimination against men!”

  1. helenacodyre Says:

    I couldn’t agree more and I love that you had the nerve to stand up and talk out! I am branded an “anti-feminist” because I oppose positive discrimination. I find nothing more offensive than the idea that I would be appointed to any position based on the fact that I can fill a bra rather than my professional merits. This is just one of the reasons I have thus far resisted repeated attempts to be recruited to professional women’s networks and I will continue to do so.

    Now, I see the need to inspire and encourage women into the world of business….but lets do that rather than filling them with a sense of entitlement to be treated a certain way just because we happen to be female.

  2. irishdevdotcom Says:

    Wholly agree with your points. I’d add that by setting up these schemes and groups just exasperate the divide. The majority of people these days don’t look at the dysfunction of yesteryear. they look at ‘is that idea good’, ‘will that business succeed?’ People don’t care if it’s a man, woman or dog running the show. And if they do, just don’t work with them, plain and simple. Just shows that there is so much ‘old school’ existing in EI.

  3. Eamonn P O'Brien Says:

    You’re a brave man Greg.

    I suspect you may indeed get flack. However, your point about encouraging everyone is absolutely valid.

    It’ll be interesting to see what response you get.

    Kind Regards

    Eamonn O’ Brien

  4. paulmcmenamy Says:

    Well said Greg and Helena. These opportunities should and must be available to all – male, female, young, old etc. It really is an anachronism (whew!) to the era we live in and the equality that these Agencies espouse.

  5. Mandy Says:

    Absolutely agree – gender shouldn’t come into it.

  6. Stuart Allcock Says:

    Hi Greg. This torrent of abuse – you ain’t going to get it from me! You presented a balanced argument with which I agree, and Helena above says it all. Such discriminatory funds aren’t needed in Ireland where entrepreneurial schemes are available for all.

  7. irishdevdotcom Says:

    Just shows that there is so much ‘old school’ existing in EI.

    Enterprise Ireland appoints its first female CEO – say hello to Julie Sinnamon

    Why couldn’t they say “Enterprise Ireland appoints Julie Sinnamon as CEO”

    Because EI today tout their ‘first woman CEO’ it diminishes Ms Sinnamon’s ability and skill – wondering how she sees this?

  8. Steve Tracey Says:

    In complete agreement, like yourself I have worked with some marvellous women and know a lot now. They did not get to where they are or obtain the respect they enjoy by quotas. They did it by their own intelligence, knowledge, skills and abilities. (Ok, being sexist now, maybe they do smile brilliantly to win that final small point, but don’t we love it?)

    This is gender discrimination and should be challenged by al.we can all imagine the uproar if this was only foe males aged over 60 ( if there is such a plan please let me know!)

    To repeat great article and I’m certain the ladies I speak of , like Helena and Mandy will agree.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Thanks for the post Steve – I’m glad it’s not just me that feels this way.

      I ran the post by a vocal pro quota woman yesterday who I have had lots of “banter” on the topic to be told “I have no time for this today” …. Tut tut !!

  9. Valerie Coleman Says:

    Well said. Absolutely agree Greg. It should be based on ability and merit rather than gender.

  10. Denis Coleman Says:

    Totally agree with you, Greg. Support, if any, should be for Entrepreneurs regardless of sex, age, race or creed. Fine, have specific fora where specific issues can be discussed and addressed, but an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur.

    Those who have commented are also right. The current system is discriminatory and sexist. In fact, I believe that it implies that women entrepreneurs requires ‘EXTRA’ help in order to succeed which makes any female led entrepreneurial support discriminatory against women.

    Ireland should be leading the way with support of ALL people brave enough in the current environment to set up their own business and strive to succeed in spite of the circumstances.

    There are a lot of us out there (women AND men) who are refusing to lie down and who want to build strong local and international Irish based companies. THAT is where the support should go.


  11. Greg Canty Says:

    This response is posted on behalf of Mairead Kelly :

    While I admire your stance, I gotta say the following:
    Only about a third of all new businesses (if even that) are started up by women. I know, I know – that auld hobby horse!
    A large chunk of them are what I call Mumpreneurs – mums who are balancing raising children and managing a home WHILE trying to run a business. As someone who provides business training, mentoring and coaching for Mumpreneurs I see many who have serious confidence issues in their ability to run a business and quite a lot of them also have guilt issues because they are juggling all three.
    While most men will have a “sure let’s give it a go” type of attitude, women (in general) on the other hand have a “umm, I don’t think I’m qualified enough, maybe I should forget it” hence the gender bias with the latest EI grant.
    Also most people go out to work and leave the home/children stuff behind while they are working whereas most Mumpreneurs juggle all three.
    On another note, Greg, over 95% of the women who could do with that funding won’t qualify because the parameters are so tight!!
    It’s all about “being seen to be doing….” and less about ACTUALLY doing!


  12. Greg Canty Says:

    Mairead, I hear your and I understand the issues and challenges that women can have as raised by you.

    I really don’t understand how a scheme that applies only to women who meet the relevant criteria will change anything.

    Thanks for the feedback

  13. Discrimination against men? » Deirdre Clune Says:

    […] is my response to the following blog post by Greg Canty – https://gregcantyfuzion.com/2013/08/29/discrimination-against-men/ […]

  14. Brendan Palmer Says:

    Great post as usual Greg, I agree with all you say and stopping gender discrimination should apply in both directions

    A comment on Mairead Kelly’s contribution and the kind of attitude that is needed to succeed in mainstream business

    “sure let’s give it a go” ………….. A good start and some chance of success

    I don’t think I’m qualified enough, maybe I should forget it”……….. No chance of success

    No amount of special funding will make a success of someone with the wrong attitude and unfortunately, getting a business off the ground takes a lot of effort and time.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Thanks Brendan – while money may seem like an obvious carrot to use to solve the “challenge” it’s not where the issue lies. Well done with pointing this out

  15. Lisa Says:

    Hi Greg,
    i enjoyed reading your article and was happy that an opposing opinion was posted also by Mairead.
    But the devil is in the detail and propaganda issues are the key missing points here, which Mairead alluded too.
    In the most this scheme is a PR stunt on a grand scale (especially when you have politicians on the band wagon) as the criteria for receiving the funding is so harsh the fact is true many women will be refused.
    At the moment women in the work force and women’s bums on directors seats, and women’s start up businesses are the flavoured of the month!
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti anything, I just want a fair balance on the work force field with equal opportunities for all, men & women, young & old, universities students and re-trained second time arounders.
    I want real schemes that deliver what they promise real opportunities and not “all talk” as the Lyon’s tea AD states!
    Nothing is what it seems in this day of grey area’s & white lies, one must look pretty deep into the details (under the hood) before commenting or forming a solid opinion.

    Well that’s my view & thanks for stimulating a healthy debate Greg,

    Yours sincerely,

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Lisa – great point. You are absolutely right and the scheme is probably a “token” (definitely misguided!) effort around the trendy “women’s % agenda” …. I am all for equal, it’s vital.

      • steve tracey Says:

        Hi greg,
        Your initial post you were expecting a deluge of red thumbs and anti comments. Where are they?
        SERIOUSLY NOW the ladies who have commentel have been you all the way . I have had this discussion with other ladies business owners, employees and those not in jobs with one exception all have agreed.
        They want equality and to be judged on their own merits and performance they don’t want any form of favouritism.

      • Greg Canty Says:

        Steve – the “officialdom” seem to think different – are they just playing politics?

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