Figuring out the Cloud

Painting by James Malmgren

I need to admit it to myself ..I’ve been a little down for the last month or so and it has affected me, my form, the way I have been towards others, my general outlook towards things and how I have reacted to some stuff that has gone on.

That cloud seemed to drift in from somewhere without me spotting it and it seemed to get a little darker and it managed to park itself right over my head.

I’ve tried to figure this cloud out and I put it down to a bunch of things, each in their own way probably feeding into the next thing.

I reckon it all started with Stevie Gerrard slipping against Chelsea in a crucial match, which led to a defeat and a Liverpool title win dream shattered. This stupidly got me down..I guess we invest emotionally in the things we care about and even though its just football it got to me. It makes no sense that a football team in a different country can mean so much to you but ..there you go!

Then there is the really irritating sore knee that came along out of the blue one day we were walking the dogs about two months ago. I thought it would clear up by itself naturally, I thought resting up while we were on holidays would sort it out but it didn’t.

This soreness has made the simple walks I took for granted every Saturday and Sunday with friends a misery, it has caused lots of irritating discomfort, it has limited what I have been able to do lately including what we were able to do when we were on holidays. The stupid thing still hasn’t got much better, which truthfully is making me feel like an old man. “Wear and tear” is what the doctor said after x-rays and an MRI. I’m trying all sorts of vitamins, ointments, exercises and shoe inserts to try to sort the damn thing.

A few other normal everyday work things got me down that I would normally just deal with and not let bother me. I’ve been cranky and those around me aren’t getting the best of me and I know it.

This is a strange place for me as I am normally very positive and can see the bright side in most things.

Logically I know everything is great and I know that I am one of the luckiest people alive. I have a great life, a fantastic wife, two incredible kids, a terrific family, great friends and a thriving business, that I am really proud of.  My stupid knee I’m sure will be better in no time (hurry up will ya!) and Liverpool post Suarez ..lets see.

The cloud has cleared away and no doubt it will find someone else to park itself over, possibly someone with a lot more serious stuff going on than me.

Watch out for that cloud…

Note: The gorgeous picture ‘Man on a Pier’ is by an artist from Sweden called Jens Malmgren – check out his website for this and much more. 

Greg Canty

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion who offer Marketing, PR and Graphic Design services from our offices in Dublin and Cork







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7 Responses to “Figuring out the Cloud”

  1. Simon Cocking Says:

    Maybe sometimes it takes writing it out, to get the sense of perspective on it. Because if we just say ‘football and a sore knee’. we then see it for what it is. But at the time it seems important to us.

    When you’re under the cloud you can’t see the sky behind it …

    The great thing is that time moves on, and other things come along too, and remind us to get a sense of perspective on it all again.
    75 million might not be too bad for someone who couldn’t refrain from snacking too often too.

    Thanks for posting

  2. Fergal Bell Says:

    Feeling out of sorts can happen to us all, Greg. Of course, we have plenty to feel thankful for, but when things look a bit dark sometimes it’s only the negative that comes into our minds. It’s part of the human condition, apparently. Sometimes it’s best not to exhaust ourselves batting it back but just to take a rest and give yourself a moment to let the feeling wash over you a bit. Maybe your mind just needs to work things through in its own way.

  3. Bibi Baskin Says:

    Dear wonderful Curly Boy,

    Next time you¹re under the cloud, is there any chance you would talk to an old mate like me? It could helpŠ..

    So glad you¹re out the other side. How¹s that knee?

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