The best of fun is the worst of tears

The best of fun is the worst of tears” is what I used say to my kids when I was dragging them away from a party or a friends house where they were having lots of fun.

When they were older I’d use it when they would get upset when my brother was returning to the States or someone else that was close to them was leaving.

My simple point to them was that the reason they were so upset is that they cared so much ..if they didn’t care or weren’t having so much fun then leaving would be no issue so in a way getting upset was just a sign that they experienced something great and was actually a good thing!

Today I sadly had to use it again when my daughter Ellen rang all upset because she had to say goodbye to her precious dog, ‘Paws‘ who has been in her life for most of it because the poor pet who is 13 had picked up cancer and was starting to suffer.


Paws and Ellen

Ellen isn’t a kid anymore but her tears today were bigger and sadder than the ones she used to shed years ago ..sadly there was nothing I could do except talk about the joy and love she shared with Paws, how Paws was such a special dog and was lucky to have been in such a loving home and how her memories of Paws will last forever.

Paws, thank you for showing my daughter so much love and for bringing her so much happiness.

The Best of Fun is the worst of tears” ..she knew what I meant.

Greg Canty

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion who offer Marketing, PR and Graphic Design services from our offices in Dublin and Cork

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5 Responses to “The best of fun is the worst of tears”

  1. Trich Says:

    So sorry to hear about Paws Greg, it is heart breaking to lose a dog who loved your daughter so much. I like your saying………..Thanks for sharing. Warm hugs and love to all.

  2. Trish Hyland Says:

    Oh Greg my heart goes out to you all. We lost our son’s beloved Luke (golden Labrador) 15 months ago while Rory was in Australia. It was heart breaking for all of us, just like it is for Ellen and all of today having had to say goodbye to Paws. I do agree with you and love the sentiment “The best of fun is the worst of tears”.

  3. Antoinette McInerney Says:

    very sorry to hear about Paws, he was loved by you all, a very lucky dog!

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