The Last Day


Father & Son !

I didn’t check emails, I promise ..

For a whole week I managed to avoid emails, leave my phone turned off, avoid surfing the net except for some random tourist stuff and yes … I didn’t go near social media , well, except for one post about the holidays.

The week (yes, just one week) just flew and here we are back at the airport with some time to spare before flying home.

Before leaving it seemed like a herculean task just to get work out of the way so we could get away for the week and I am already planning an assault on the email traffic jam that awaits – over the weekend I will probably get through most of them.

Truthfully I didn’t really think about work and I know there was nothing that our crew couldn’t handle while we were away so I am really looking forward to another week later in the summer. It was great to chill out and let the brain preoccupy itself about what to do today, where to eat and what to see and of course keeping your wits about you on the Italian roads!

It always surprises me that when I let my brain chill out a little I start dreaming about weird things, strangely work related, but not current work but dreams about old jobs – what is that about?

Sitting at the airport I am sad, sad that the break is over and in particular that this time my son Brendan came with me and Dee – he finished college this year so he came with us for the first time in many years, which could be the last time for many years as well – I know that, which has made the week extra special.

Greg & Dee

Greg & Dee - in Florence!

Convertible at the airport, fabulous old rustic hotel high in the hills in a Tuscan hamlet outside Siena, the famous Palio horse race in Siena, next hotel (too modern and souless) in a town called Pistoia, visit to the beautiful town Lucca, incredible steak dinner, sunbathing (me under an umbrella!), visit to the incredibly beautiful town San Gimigmano, a tour of the Chianti region with some wine tasting in the Melini winery, Max Gazze and his band do a double Pink Floyd set of “Live at Pompeii” and “Dark Side of the Moon” – incredible, part of the Pistoia Music Festival, visit to beautiful Florence after some manic traffic and a welcome dip in the pool at the hotel, drinks in the busy and very lively square in Pistoia, some people watching and the last supper, scenic drive by the coast and a visit to the very sleepy town of Grosseto and ….. here I am, airport boarding area.

As sure as night follows day another holiday has come and gone and before we know it we will be back at work pumping it out again – better book that next break before we forget.

If you haven’t been away yet, enjoy …. If you have, think about the next one!


Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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2 Responses to “The Last Day”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Sounds like an amazing holiday …perfect to recharge the batteries.

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