Celebrate those individuals making it happen for themselves


Making it Happen

On our usual Sunday walk with the four legged one (Bing for those who haven’t seen previous posts!) a little poster caught my eye on the pole of a housing estate we walk through on the way to the park.

It was placed on a pole where you might expect a picture of a missing dog but when I peeped a little closer it was an advert for someone advertising their house cleaning services.

The poster was typed up with a simple cartoon graphic of a cleaning lady and housed inside a sheet of plastic to protect it from the elements and it had the contact phone number repeated on little vertical strips for those who wanted to tear them off to make an enquiry later.

I’m sure this simple poster with a clear message “A completely clean home – my cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customised. If you want to change your cleaning routine, Call me” will bring Beata the customers she is looking for.

I started thinking about Beata on the rest of my walk whoever she is.. I pictured her deciding to start her cleaning business to earn money, drafting up her posters, printing them, cutting the phone number strips, housing them in plastic covers and then walking around finding poles in the housing estates she was targeting. She had her mini campaign for her house cleaning service well thought out and there was a real honesty to how it was delivered.

Often we celebrate the big companies with the big job numbers and the vital role they are playing in our economy but we should also celebrate those out there who are digging deep, making things happen for themselves instead of sitting back and waiting on someone else or the state to look after them.

Beata and all the other startups , I Salute you!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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6 Responses to “Celebrate those individuals making it happen for themselves”

  1. audreymcsweeney Says:

    Spot on Greg. I really love to see people getting up off their backsides and making things happen for themselves. It’s the very same when you are working in a sales job – we could sit around crying over why business isn’t walking through the door like it used to or we can get out there and make it happen!! Stop making excuses people – just do it!

  2. Lorraine Mulvey Says:

    Fair play to her, you know the saying GOD LOVES A TRYER. Hope she gets what she wants, and wish her all the best.

  3. Tom Says:

    Great copy writing skills too … Beata has optimised her words and phrases to target the customer behavior / needs that she has identified, and I think you have left out the most important line – “I will take care of it”

    Understanding what your customers are looking for on the surface “Completely Clean Home” and what they are really looking for in the back of their minds “Someone to take care of it, and fit into their busy routine” is vital in getting customers to move on that call to action …


  4. Cleaner in Toronto Says:

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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