Are you throwing away the Wow?

Fitting Carpets

We were excited as we pulled into the drive after a long day – after work we had to attend an event and eventually we were on the way home ..after midnight!

That day we knew the new carpets that we had ordered were laid and we were nervously looking forward to seeing our home transformed – the old carpets had been there for over 12 years and it was time for a change ..

After picking the carpets in the showroom you can never be quite sure if what you picked out actually does in fact work with the colours in the house – we were nervous but we were hoping that the little investment would be worth it and our home would be transformed for the better.

We opened the front door and switched on the hall lights ….

A wall of upset hit both of us as we saw the mess everywhere – the carpets were installed but the fitters had left the place like a bomb hit it. There were carpet cuttings everywhere, loose pieces of carpet, nails, broken grips. The fitters had stormed through the house moving furniture from one room to the other and returning them randomly, there was a pile of rubbish in the corner of the bedroom and the bedside lockers were stacked in the bathroom.

We couldn’t close the bedroom door because the carpet was a deeper pile – who would leave it without being able to close the door? We felt like the place had been violated, people had been in our home who didn’t give a damn how they left the place – nearly as if robbers had been through the place.

We were raging and really very upset. I wanted to just return all of the carpets  – Dee just wanted to go to bed but I knew I couldn’t face the mess in the morning and carry this horrible feeling into another day.

I started tidying, gathering up the nails, the loose pieces of carpet and I hoovered the whole place with Dee’s help. Miraculously after about 40 minutes the place transformed and we were able to see that the carpet was in fact gorgeous and despite our initial feelings it looked like the carpets were fitted really well!

We didn’t want this crew back in our home so we agreed to ask a friend in the morning to sort the door problem.

With just a little bit of extra care and attention and a quick tidy up, the carpet fitters could have easily delivered us a huge “Wow” but instead they carelessly threw this away and destroyed a great customer experience.

Sometimes when we are operating to tight budgets do we end up throwing away the valuable “wow” that ends up costing us a lot more in real terms?

The “wow” is the most important part of the whole transaction – don’t throw it away? 

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing & PR firm with offices in Cork and Dublin

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24 Responses to “Are you throwing away the Wow?”

  1. paulmcmenamy Says:

    Unfortunately, this type of experience is the rule – not the exception.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Thanks Paul – we had builders in for two weeks just before this crew and you wouldn’t know they had been there – even in the middle of all their work.

      • paulmcmenamy Says:

        You were blessed Greg. Yes, there are some “conscious” providers out there but – in my experience – most have not evolved to this point yet. To them “Exceeding Customers’ Expectations” is a romactic comedy from Hollywood and they won’t be renting it!!

      • Greg Canty Says:

        a good point well made – the lesson for the rest of us ….are we making the most of our “wow” ?

  2. CraftLee Says:

    A good friend of mine is a builder and he told me once that the best piece of advice given to him by his father (& boss) was to tidy up before you look for payment – ‘ a customer never sees the work – only the mess’
    If a tradesman does great work and doesn’t consider the customers view and tidy up after himself its difficult to acknowledge their work (& the Wow!).
    Those 40 minutes spent tidying were the most important…had the fitters taken the time, you’d be recommending them today, rather than saying ‘We didn’t want this crew back in our home ‘
    Its a pity for them that they haven’t learned this lesson but hey! enjoy your new carpets!

  3. Fergal Bell Says:

    I couldn’t agree more Greg. I had the opposite experience in London with a tradesman, who was scrupulously tidy. His work was great and I ended up calling on him for years afterwards.

    You wouldn’t think it makes as much difference as it does. After all, the permanent work is what will really matter in the long term. But it feels like you’re paying someone to create a transformation of some sort and you’re hoping to feel like it’s improved your life in some way. When the first thing you see is the mess it somehow leaves you with a feeling of disappointment.

  4. pat bradley Says:

    Carpet fitters are one of the reasons people are changing to timber and laminate

  5. irishmul Says:

    What was the suppliers reaction ?

  6. Elke Says:

    I would call that attitude. And it is bad attitude. And it seems that this is not only down to the workers but the company itself. The best a customer can do, is make an open ‘fuss’ about it to alert potential customers.

    The WOW factor has become to rare that we rave about it when it finally happens. A pity you didn’t have that experience. Forward your post to the manager of the company and let him read the comments. If he is a clever boy, he will pick up on it

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Elke – you are so right. We all have to think are we throwing away the wow in our business.

      • Niall O'Donovan Says:

        It is very unfortunate that some people do not take pride in their work. To provide the WOW factor they expect additional remuneration as opposed to completing the service 100%. In relation to the company’s reaction, what do you expect, it comes from the top down.

        Very frustrating. To get your company’s WOW factor, just listen and engage with your customers. They will be delighted that you took the time to listen to them and implement key improvements.

  7. Olive Walsh Says:

    So true Greg. We had our attic converted recently and the builders were amazing. They covered stairs and hall floors each morning, hoovered, cleaned floors and tidied all outdoor materials before leaving each evening. The place was spotless and their workmanshop and attention to detail was great also. We booked these builders to do the job in January 2012 and the first free date they could give us was November 2012. It just shows if you give people the WOW, the business will follow.

  8. Creating a Wow | Greg Canty Fuzion Blog Says:

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  9. Creating a Wow | Fuzion Blog Says:

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