Are you leaving breadcrumbs?

Leaving breadcrumbs

You are doing a lot of work in Dublin these days” she said to me.

We are, but how did you know that?” I asked

Oh ..I figured that out from your Facebook posts” she said

That conversation was about five years ago and it was at an event for a client in Dublin – for me it was what I call my “penny drop” moment about social media. At that time I was using Facebook, just like everyone else posting the odd thing about what I was doing and where I was going. In fact, I think I wasn’t that sure what I should have been posting and even how relevant social media might be for business.

It dawned on me that with every post you make people are watching, digesting and forming impressions about you and what you are all about. Often they won’t comment, reply or even “like” your posts, but they are listening and soaking up what you are saying.

From that moment I realised the power of social media and the importance of having a clear idea about what picture of you and your business you want to portray.

Every status update, every tweet, every retweet, every like, every share, every favourite, every discussion, every hashtag and every blog post are all little breadcrumbs that you leave to bring the reader to a place you wanted to take them.

Are you leaving breadcrumbs?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion with offices in Cork and Dublin offer social media training and consultancy in Ireland.

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12 Responses to “Are you leaving breadcrumbs?”

  1. Chris Wigg (@chriswigg1) Says:

    … yes of course, Greg – isn’t that the whole point of connecting with “friends” this way?… however, isn’t it fair to say that many of those crumbs should be left to be “washed away” sometimes?… while also, it’s possible for other postings to have disappeared for ever – before having been noticed… how to ensure that each and every communication is actually observed at every intended point of contact?… an advantage or a dilemma?!…..

    • Greg Canty Says:

      great point Chris – as you point out not every post will be read so it’s important that you have frequency and consistency in your social media activity …eventually people will get to see what you are all about!

  2. EdelWilliamsLifetimes Says:

    Hey Greg, I agree with you completely. This is something I re-iterate to my teenagers over and over again! What they put out now, on their fb pages especially, will reflect on them in years to come, as social media is now the way many people communicate regularly. I agree that everything you say, everything you comment upon and ‘like’ suggests the type of person you are (rightly or wrongly) and what type of company you represent. It’s not always best to comment on everything either in the hope that you can raise your own or your company’s profile. As a novice to the social media world (my medium has always been print), its very difficult to decide what to say and sometimes – more importantly – what not to say!!

  3. pam o regan Says:

    Yes Gregg i really like that one, it can really surprise you sometimes a persons reaction to something you think might be totally insignificant or unimportant. Always be true to yourself !!

  4. Gerard Desmond Says:

    Greg I prefer to think of leaving footprints that others may follow, back to me and remember me when they need my services. It is uplifting when you get a direct message and make that personal connection. It tells me that at least some of what I say is relevant.
    I like to think the advice I give to my customers is more than just tax and financial and helps them in ways that improve their lives.

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  7. luciano Says:

    Hi from Brazil.
    Greg, i am wondering if you know who is the artist who did this hansel and gretel drawning.

    thanks !

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