Stand for something


What a day ….I had popped in just to get a few last bits out of the way before we went on leave and I received a text. I knew something was up.

“I need to have a quick chat with you“. Our new guy who had only joined us (3 weeks!) was insistent it had to be today ..

We had the chat, which was fairly disappointing on a number of fronts but what can you do. He had decided to accept a job offer with a competitor who as it turned out had been talking to him for quite some time.

Apparently they had made an offer around the same time that we had.

I thought we deserved a lot more than what was being dished out from both parties. I stupidly expected a little more from either.

Why accept a job and not stick to your decision?  Why go along with this charade, meeting our clients while all the time talking to a competitor.

Why not accept someone’s decision instead of pursuing them over and over?

This is the probably the chat that happened after ..

PK: “Well …Did you break the news?

CC: “I did yeah, didn’t go down too well

PK: “So, when are you finishing up?

CC: “Pretty much straight away

PK: “Great

How about ..

When you start something stick with it.

When someone says they have started somewhere else leave them to it.

Pretty poor ethics boys – what do you stand for?


At the end of it all we have to stand for something …


Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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4 Responses to “Stand for something”

  1. Patricia Whiteside Says:

    When In Doubt: Let Them Out:

  2. alancarrollblog Says:

    You will simply not let this obstacle halt your drive and positivity, it’s just the way you are!

    Keep going and #winhappy


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