Looking after your own house ..

Dream House

Are you like us with the best of intentions not getting to things you had promised you would do?

One of the things I promised we would do this year was to make sure that we did not neglect our “own house“.

It’s obviously really important that all of our client work comes first but it’s also vital that we don’t neglect Fuzion. Every day we work with our clients following carefully written plans so that they can promote their business through PR, Social Media, Advertising, E-newsletters, through their website, by blogging and with their printed materials.

We stress the importance of “looking the part” ensuring that their branding is consistent, properly reflecting the quality of their business across printed and on-line platforms.

We’ve all heard the expression “the mechanics car” and I’m afraid that we are guilty of this. We are not the worst but there are things that we have been meaning to do for “our house” for quite a while but we always seem to struggle to get to them.

The guys in the design team are doing fabulous work for clients and I’ve been at them to showcase this properly on our website, through communications like this one and even within our own office. We have done some great work that we have been meaning to display on the walls of the office for the last six months. I’m waiting!

I’ve been at the PR team to start blogging more and demonstrate the expertise that we possess in-house. I’ve been at the guys to be more proactive on social media. We’ve had some huge client successes this year that we probably should have publicised. I’ve had the job of making sure we issue our e-newsletter (this one!) regularly – it’s not happening!

When you are busy it’s always the same – it’s easy to push your own work down to the bottom of the queue because there is always something to do for a client, which after all does pay the bills.

If Fuzion were our client, I’d have a strong word with them ..

Are you looking after your own house?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing, PR and Design firm in Ireland with offices in Cork and Dublin

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6 Responses to “Looking after your own house ..”

  1. Bryan McDonald Says:

    Very very interesting blog. I read this blog. Thank you for making this blog…

  2. Fergal Bell Says:

    This reminds me of something we spoke about, Greg. Sometimes the way to get the non-urgent/non-client activities done is to do them first before any of the stuff you ‘have’ to do. When other work has a deadline it will always get done so you can push it to second on the list.

  3. Pat Murphy Says:

    The biggest problem that most businesses face is juggling the profit work and the non profit and the realisation that one feeds off the other.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      I know exactly what you are saying Pat – we are 6 months trying to get our new website over the line but somehow clients always get in the way! In many respects we should be our own best client!

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