Go on – Personalise

I Love GregHi there!

Wouldn’t it be a lot better if “Hi Greg” had appeared on the email instead of the words “Hi there”?

Dear Customer,

Wouldn’t it be a lot better if “Dear Greg” appeared on the invitation to attend the launch event instead of “Dear Customer”?

The Manager

Wouldn’t it be a lot better if “Greg Canty” had appeared on the envelope and letter that accompanied the brochure instead of “The Manager”?

Price List

Wouldn’t it be a lot better if  “Fuzion price list” had appeared on the quote instead of a generic price list?


Wouldn’t it be a lot better to see “Reserved for Fuzion” on the restaurant table instead of a plain “reserved” sign.

It does take time to customise and personalise, it does take a little extra effort but your communication will resonate so much more when you can avoid being generic. (Personalising has never been so easy with the tools that are now available).

Often being generic can even have a negative effect and can have your customer feeling very “not so special“.

  1. If you can’t personalise think twice about communicating
  2. If you can personalise get it right – double check the spelling of people and company names
  3. Where personalising isn’t expected …personalise!

I received a CD in the post from an Amazon affiliate supplier and the docket had “thanks Greg” marked across it in marker – Wow!

Sometimes it’s really easy to stand out by doing just a little thing.

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing, PR and Graphic Firm in Ireland with offices in Cork and Dublin

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7 Responses to “Go on – Personalise”

  1. Steve Tracey Says:

    Hi Greg, this so touched a chord I’ve sent it on to my groups reported on Facebook. Little anecdote which probably beats all your examples if not then god help us. I had one addressed to The person responsible for buying in your company.
    It didn’t even get opened straight into the bin and I’m a nosey so and so. I also found when sending mail shots (100 pm) that by writing the name and address in long hand ink and marking it personal for that on follow up calls nearly every letter had been opened by the addressee who then promptly binned it !! Lol

    To repeat great article

    • Greg Canty Says:

      thanks for reading Steve and the great feedback – I like the hand written angle and the “personal” . That’s a good touch.

      I loved the “person responsible for buying” example … what is in people’s heads?

  2. Ted Mellamphy Says:

    Thanks Greg, nice post. Soooooo! important, courtesy means so much and when you personalise, always remember that people do business with people. It is not just the product or service you sell, but very much so yourself.

  3. urroots Says:

    Well said, Mr. Greg Canty. With the availability of search engines there should be little excuse for not adding the personal touch.

  4. To whom it may concern… | Greg Canty Fuzion Blog Says:

    […] Greg‘ will work much better..go on… I’ve said it before, personalise – it” […]

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