Two weeks, one match

Clare v Cork,  All Ireland hurling final 2013

He wasn’t in pain but hadn’t been eating and the large lump on his side was a concern.

Someone suggested a visit to the doctor and after a visit and a few tests last week the dreaded news was delivered – he was riddled with cancer, to the point of no return and he has about two weeks to live.

He was to go to the All Ireland hurling final with his son to watch his beloved Clare play Cork in the replay but he wasn’t well enough to travel.

Everyone in Cork is bitterly disappointed with the result but as they say “there is always next year

For one man, I’m really glad Clare won.

For the rest of us, treasure every single day even the ones when our team lose.

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion 

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4 Responses to “Two weeks, one match”

  1. Fergal Bell Says:

    Terrible, Greg. It’s awful the way life can be taken away from you so suddenly.

  2. joanfrankham Says:

    so sad, we should all try to ‘live each day’

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