Brushing your teeth and Social Media

Brushing your teeth - social media tips, FuzionWe have all pretty much figured out that brushing our teeth is a good thing ..well at least I hope so!

While it is a good thing to do it would be a total waste of time if we just brushed them once a month.

To be effective we get into a simple routine of brushing in the morning and before we head to bed at night. If we didn’t do it we just wouldn’t feel right.

The same applies with your social media efforts ..

Having a presence on the different social media platforms is just a waste of time if your don’t find a proper routine for your efforts.

To be effective you just have to post regularly – At a minimum I’m talking a few posts a day on Facebook, even more on Twitter, a post a day on your personal and business LinkedIn page and if you really want to be a pro at least a new blog post a week!

Are you ready? 

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion with offices in Cork and Dublin in Ireland offer social media training and consultancy services

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3 Responses to “Brushing your teeth and Social Media”

  1. Avril Allshire-Howe (@RosscarberyReci) Says:

    Hate writing just for the sake of it as it’s such a time waster. Hopefully when I contribute, it makes sense. Would love to blog weekly, but tempus fugit. Thanks for your articles – always gives me something to think about.

  2. chriswigg1 Says:

    … Yes, Greg – of course!…

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