Doing the small stuff great

Kerrie O'CallaghanSomeone has to answer the phone and someone has to let visitors into the building and greet them as come into the office.

This isn’t rocket science but at the same time it needs to be done right. You would hope that the person with this responsibility would carry out the task in a pleasant and friendly manner – after all, it is often the first impression that anyone would experience of your business.

We’ve been really lucky down through the years in that all of our team are pleasant and friendly and will give a really good impression of Fuzion.

The primary responsibility for answering the phone (we all do it by the way) tends to lie with the ‘junior’, the person who is newest to the team. Initially we find that the newbie is more than happy with this role but after a while they do want to feel that they are progressing and that this task is moved onto someone else.

While everyone who has worked with us has been great at that ‘hello, meet and greet‘ role we had one person who really stood out; Kerrie O’Callaghan.

Day after day we had people on the phone or who had come for a meeting specifically commenting about how special their greeting was.

This wasn’t an isolated incident but an absolute trend – she did this important, junior, simple but yet important task incredibly well.

Not surprisingly the hugely talented Kerrie, who did everything with 150% enthusiasm, progressed quickly and went on to do every task incredibly well but unfortunately for Fuzion she had the emigration bug and is now enjoying huge career success down under.

It’s funny how someone who does the small things great ends up also doing the big things great..

Kerrie, we miss you!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing, PR and Graphic Design agency in Ireland with offices in Cork and Dublin

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13 Responses to “Doing the small stuff great”

  1. Kerrie Ní Cheallacháin Says:

    Greg, this is the loveliest thing anybody has ever written about me! Thank you so much. I miss you guys too!

    There were certainly days when that buzzer almost drove me to distraction or I strongly considered cutting the wires on the phone line just to be able to finish a press release in peace (!), but I always found that the nicest thing about being the one to answer the door was that making somebody smile made my day better. You only get out of something (or somebody) what you put in.

    What a gorgeous post 🙂 Thanks xxx

    • Greg Canty Says:

      You are amazing and you brought your fabulous, positive attitude to every single thing you do (and did for us) – that attitude will make every single thing you do a huge success.

      Thanks for choosing Fuzion as part of your journey xx

  2. Wayne Says:

    Aww what a lovely blog post Greg – you big old softy!

    I have to agree though, Kerrie you are worthy of the praise, I miss you too!


  3. Pat McCarthy Says:

    That is a really nice post Greg and I am sure that however Kerrie will come across, they will be blessed by her radiance. Good luck to you in your new adventure Kerrie

  4. irishminx Says:

    I’m delighted Kerri is doing great down under Greg. I miss her warm bubbly personality. Hi to Kerri.

  5. Everyday Power Says:

    Wow! Great blog post! Keep them coming!

  6. James O'Reilly Says:

    On the key point, i’m constantly amazed that a lot of businesses don’t get how much the small things matter, particularly those in the service industry. A simple smile, politeness and a warm greeting go a long, long way, and when i get surly people serving me it most definitely puts me off returning to that business.

    And one thing i’ve noticed, particulalry when dealing with folks from the States, is the increased use of smiley faces “)” in business emails. I think this is brilliant, why, when you would go to so much effort in person to express yourself in a positive way with a business contact, would you be so incredibly formal in the written form. I know this is resisted because of the sense of it being perhaps too familiar, but I welcome its growing use )

  7. Didi Says:

    Great post. Dare I say it, I think the irish people are particularly talented in this area – it’s seems to come naturally to them. I’ve been living in Italy for 16 years and have lost the knack a little so thanks for this reminder. 🙂

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