Do you always do what you are told?

Disobedient Child!

Not always doing what you are told!

Start a new business in 2010 in the middle of a recession? Are you totally out of your head, nuts, crazy?
The minute you open your mouth you will probably crumble under the weight of naysayers, who without a doubt are being genuine in their advice to you.

The fact that you are opening your mouth at all means that you have an itch that needs scratching, there is some enterprising spirit inside you that is just waiting to break out, some independent streak that makes you want to be master of your own destiny. It could be as simple as you are out of work and you just want to make things happen for yourself.

Well done, so what do you do?

As an Accountant who came away from the “darkside” and joined the world of Marketing & PR after a long period in General Management I can offer  you my tuppence worth of advice and a few do’s and don’ts .. (should I put in a disclaimer here??)

It’s a great time to start a new business because..

1.    Who else can you depend on today to put bread on your table?
2.    The smaller you are the less overheads you have – customers can get a great personal service
3.    The cost of entry is smaller than it has ever been
4.    The local agencies such as the Enterprise Boards offer Mentoring, Training and other Supports, which really help people  get on their feet
5.    With the whole new world of the Web and Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on, the small guy can actually compete with the big guy
6.    The Press love positive stories and will more than likely be happy to give you some coverage, free!
7.    You would be surprised how many people out there will give a new business a chance, everyone loves a Trier!
8.    You will love the sense of achievement from the feeling of doing it for yourself, it’s liberating
9.    Being your own boss is great
10.    It’s a whole new world, once you cross over to the other side – network with others like you!
11.    It can be great fun

On the cautionary side, which is very real ..

1.    Only do it once you are truly ready – while the cost of entry is lower than before make sure you are in a position to make a great first impression, looking the part from the very start
2.    Run your business idea by someone knowledgeable with a positive nature that you know will give you honest advice – not all ideas are great ones!
3.    Make sure your business passes the recession test – the luxury type products and services are suffering at the moment. It might be a case of wait a while for these types of businesses.
4.    Be practical – do your pessimistic financial plans and make sure you have enough cash to pull by, in particular in the early stages. That financial pressure is horrible, I’ve been there more than once ..
5.    Once you make that move you will never be able to work for someone else again!

So, did you always do what you are told?

Didn’t think so.. enjoy the ride, our economy needs you and more like you

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion Communications , Marketing & PR.

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10 Responses to “Do you always do what you are told?”

  1. Roger Overall Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Great post, great advice.

    I recently interviewed Sheena Jolley, an innovative wildlife photographer who has just opened up a gallery in Kinsale, Co. Cork. She was a true inspiration to speak to – full of energy, vigour and ambition. Quite a change from many photographers you meet.

    She is also working on unique products that will set her apart from her competitors, something that too few photographers work at.

    The interview is included in this podcast: and is worth hearing just to get a sense of her vitality and outlook.

  2. Imogen Bertin Says:

    You forgot to warn people about Ireland’s social welfare trap for the self-employed – more than one year in self-emp and you lose all social welfare rights except pension. If you go bust, no dole, and unless you are young and healthy, no-one will insure you. So don’t get sick and don’t go bust.

    Still a good time to start a business, but preferably in Denmark where the self-employed are covered by social welfare… even in the UK you can voluntarily pay extra national insurance for more benefits. But not in our wonderful republic sadly.


    • Greg Canty Says:

      Hi Imogen,

      I know where you are coming from.

      I have even heard from people who are unemployed being frightened of taking jobs to risk falling out of the Social Welfare system.

      Thanks for reading and for posting.



  3. Aine Gleeson Says:

    Hi Greg

    Love the post. Opportunity and Luck do not just happen. You need to “dig a well before you can fill it” and its easier to dig for opportunity when things are quiet. I trade in Ennis and we have had 13 new businesses start in the month of June. All of these businesses when interviewed had 3 comments in common.

    1. There is no good time to start a business and the cost of set up is at its lowest.
    2. Businesses survive better when market place is challenging and owners and employees have to think ‘Outside the Box’ and work harder.
    3. Business is better in the 1st few weeks of trading than they expected.

    As a business owner I admire all those people out there who are venturing out on their own and wish them the best of success.

    Aine Gleeson

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Hi Aine,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and for your own comments.

      I am noticing many little new businesses opening up and we are constantly dealing with start-ups and this summer, which I was expecting to be quiet was in fact quite the opposite.

      Salute the brave!


  4. Richard Hoare Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Great post and great advice, glad to see plenty of others out there share the same ideas and are trying to get this country back on its feet. We have to look to ourselves and start internally to get the economy flowing, and not looking for outside investment.

    I’m in the startup process at the moment. It’s great that manufacturers will now listen to the little guy, but the problem I’m meeting is as you have described above…as it could be considered a luxury item perhaps I’ll have to put it on the shelf and wait a few months.


  5. Julie Silfverberg Says:

    Hi Greg

    As always an insightful blog. My view is if you succeed in a recession just imagine what it will be like in a boom and it will come back….we just don’t know when yet.

    Projections are important and they are also imagination at work! Because projection are looking into the future, it hasn’t happened, and many successful business people will tell you their plan – projections – turned out to be something quite different; albeit successful.

    So project what you want, to get you started down the path and who knows where the first turn will lead you.

    All those start-ups out there best of luck, lots of energy & passion and go for it!


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