The Broken Man – We need him now more than ever..

Helping the Broken Man

Helping the Broken Man

In he bounded about two years ago full of energy, enthusiasm and little bit of arrogance but full of confidence.

His plan was to launch a brand new product in a sector that he reckoned was totally under serviced but one that was growing in interest and importance. He was fully convinced about the viability of this project and needed our help to design and launch it in the marketplace. We were swept along by this guys enthusiasm and everyone in the team got behind the new project – it was really exciting.

The new product did come out, probably at the worst possible time – in the middle of 2009 when no one was taking a chance on anything new. Despite his enthusiasm and powers of persuasion the revenue targets were badly missed.

The product sold well in outlets where it was given a chance on the shelves but in most others it was returned within the week! That often happens with new products that battle for space on the retailers shelves. Product feedback was really superb by the few who actually managed to get their hands on it.

A second variant of the product was planned but never saw the light of day ..insufficient funds (funds were never an issue at the start of the project!)

Fast forward to 2011 ..

We did manage to get a few quid off what was owed to Fuzion but there was still a really large sum outstanding. I guessed the phone call would be a waste of time but in any case it had to be made.. answer, he’s probably not up to the conversation – can’t be easy. Two minutes later I get a call back and we have a really good chat.

His other business ventures had also ceased (construction sector), he didn’t have money for me just now but promised to pay when fortunes improved. His mortgage payments have slipped by a few months and he was now job hunting. There is nothing here for him he reckoned .. his preferred destination is Australia but he wouldn’t get a work visa so he guessed he would end up in Abu Dhabi. This would be difficult as he has two young kids.

He is a broken man, his world is in tatters – he is not the only one I have met recently.

The truth is this broken man is an entrepreneur, someone who is willing to take a chance, someone who will make things happen. Sometimes things go wrong but often they go right and they end up employing people and service providers in the process.

In Ireland we need the broken man now more than ever – if you meet him give him a break and encourage him to get on his feet again.

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion Communications

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15 Responses to “The Broken Man – We need him now more than ever..”

  1. Sam Kidd Says:

    Great post Greg.

  2. Roisin Markham Says:

    Great post Greg. Yes you call it well. I have been wondering where those bright and bubbly entrepreneurs have got to. Who calls time to them to stop licking their wounds?
    I have been working with a few young female entrepreneurs with failed business before 30. Their burden of a failed business is huge – the sense of shame hangs around them heavily. The knock flattens their confidence and cash flow + blocks them from moving on.
    So YES it’s really important and I like the way you ended with “if you meet him give him a break and encourage him to get on his feet again”.
    I tell them “you’ve got to have three business before you find success, one down – move on”

  3. True Heroes of the Irish Economy « Greg Canty Fuzion Blog Says:

    […] response to my blog “Broken Man – We need him now more than ever” , which received incredible response there is one that just blew me […]

  4. Alan Crawford Says:

    These are the people who do not appear in the official statistics. The state does not recognise them but at the same time expect them to lead the recovery! Like the old wild west…. Pioneers often end up with nothing but arrows in the back.
    Like real pioneers they must keep going until they reach their goal, no matter what. Turning back is not an option.

  5. tiberiusj Says:

    good article greg.its a refection of society today.theres a broken man on every corner.a lot of my friends have taken flight.keep up the posts

  6. Oonagh Levis Says:

    Greg, am I missing the point here – what would have happened if the Broken Man had brought Fuzion down with him because of the debt he owed you. There are a lot of “entrepreneurs” out there who are using this recession to avoid paying their debts.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      I know Oonagh you are right – there are the good guys & gals who have been “broken” and the “cheats” who will always use whatever opportunity comes there way to avoid paying what they owe.

      Knowing the difference can be tricky sometimes!



  7. Liz Barron - Realize Coaching Says:

    Thanks for sharing Greg – a great piece which a lot of people identify with. We can all feel “broken” (or broke!) from time to time and the only thing that helps us begin to feel whole again is when they decide to make some kind of change, however small.

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