The Brown Envelope and the Harp

The Brown Envelope and the Harp!

Will I open it?

There it is patiently sitting on my desk waiting to be opened.

In fact it has been there for a while and for some reason I am just not ready yet to open it. You might call it procrastination and that might be a fair comment but for me it is about something much more simple than that ..

I have to be in a positive place to get the best out of my day, my team and my own workload. It’s tough out there, you need to punch in long hours and do everything you can to keep the positive energy going and to keep winning – This is working well for us and I feel I actually owe it to the business and our team to protect myself and stay in this positive place.

I am quite sure that there is nothing in that brown envelope with the harp that is going to make my day any better so it does tend to stay there a while. I know there is nothing wrong that I should be worried about but they never fail to surprise you! Will I open it?

Procrastination or protection?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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2 Responses to “The Brown Envelope and the Harp”

  1. Aoife C Says:

    Was it bad?

    • Greg Canty Says:

      looking for some interest on a late payment – I had war with them. Have a look at my post “Sorry, there is nothing I can do”

      You will start to see where I get inspiration for my posts!!


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