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Revenue Commissioners on Target?

August 28, 2012
Target Express

Parked up for good ?

It is absolutely terrible to hear that Target Express in operation since 1988 who employ 390 people between Ireland and Northern Ireland have ceased trading due to an attachment order by the Revenue on it’s bank accounts. Target Express are clearly a big operation operating 12 depots and distributing for companies such as L’Oreal, Smyths Toys and AWear.

In 2011 they won the Haulier of the Year Award and they opened a new depot in Monaghan – well done guys, we loved that positive, drive forward mentality (have a peep at their Facebook page entry).

On Target for better days!

For those who are not sure what this means, basically the Revenue have taken over the bank accounts of the company. According to reports there were delays with payments to the Revenue (as is the case with so many businesses) and clearly they got fed up of waiting, used their ultimate power and crashed in.

390 people did not get paid last Friday as a result according to reports. I’m just picturing drivers going home to their families petrified about the future and trying to solve the dilemma of shopping for groceries at the weekend.

The pieces I have read on the papers suggest that negotiations were ongoing with the Revenue but ultimately someone there made a call to say “enough is enough” and they have effectively shut the business and helped to put nearly 400 people on the dole queues.

Maybe the company gave the Revenue the two fingers for two long and were not playing ball, maybe the revenue were unreasonable and abused their power, ignoring the tough and very real circumstances this company (fuel prices have gone through the roof as well) found themselves in – this recession ain’t pretty!

Without knowing any of the detail there is a good chance that Target Express (who are definitely finding cash flow really tight) could not look to the bank for extra funding and the only real wiggle room was to delay payments to suppliers and yes, squeeze some extra credit from the Revenue. Would you do this instead of paying your people on a Friday?

The Revenue will argue that they are not a bank and should not be funding a business with their Vat and PAYE/PRSI. Viewed in one light they are right – however in the grand scheme of things they are possibly very wrong. I would prefer to see those arrears being paid over a reasonable time and 390 people still working.

The Revenue must not have the power to take such action without recourse to some “Job Protection” authority (run by business people please) who can access the situation and put something reasonable in place that will protect valid jobs where possible and feasible.

Surely if we believe our Government’s stated objective, creation and protection of jobs is the biggest objective that there is right now in Ireland – everyone’s objective must be aligned to this, including the Revenue Commissioners.

When it comes to “Power” the Revenue just have too much and I don’t trust that it is being used properly – the “Target” must be jobs and Power needs to be with those who can generate and protect jobs, not take them away.

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion


Fuzion are a Marketing and PR Firm with offices in Cork and Dublin

The Brown Envelope and the Harp

April 25, 2011
The Brown Envelope and the Harp!

Will I open it?

There it is patiently sitting on my desk waiting to be opened.

In fact it has been there for a while and for some reason I am just not ready yet to open it. You might call it procrastination and that might be a fair comment but for me it is about something much more simple than that ..

I have to be in a positive place to get the best out of my day, my team and my own workload. It’s tough out there, you need to punch in long hours and do everything you can to keep the positive energy going and to keep winning – This is working well for us and I feel I actually owe it to the business and our team to protect myself and stay in this positive place.

I am quite sure that there is nothing in that brown envelope with the harp that is going to make my day any better so it does tend to stay there a while. I know there is nothing wrong that I should be worried about but they never fail to surprise you! Will I open it?

Procrastination or protection?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

“Sorry, there’s nothing I can do”

April 4, 2011
Time for change

"Ok - what can we do here to sort this out?"

Sorry there’s nothing I can do” – Revenue Official

Sorry there’s nothing I can do” – Bank Official

Sorry there’s nothing I can do” – NÀMA Official


Sorry there’s nothing I can do” – Mr Landlord

Sorry there’s nothing I can do” .. If we said that we would have no clients

We talk about flexibility, innovative solutions, making things happen, having a pro jobs agenda – some of us need to change our language.

What’s the problem? – Lets find a solution that’s best for everyone” – Mr Make It Happen

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion