Hiding from the customer

Old Pub

We had a great evening in Kinsale.

Tommy, our buddy wanted to hook up with Liam Brown who was back from Florida for a few weeks to visit some family members. Liam, a successful businessman was originally from Castleisland in Kerry but emigrated to the States over 20 years ago. So a bunch of us met Liam at the Blue Haven for a meal on a really pleasant Saturday evening.

Tommy and Liam exchanged stories and banter about football, the hospitality industry, the economy and some tales about characters from the “old days”.

Liam said he will never come back to Ireland because of the climate but still loves visiting. The recent weather won’t change that mindset!

One of the tales was about a certain publican in Kerry who according to Liam was the laziest publican ever. He was at his worst in the mornings and on one particular occasion he had just opened his doors for business and a bunch of Americans landed, all of them looking for Irish coffees.

This was all a little too much for our publican so early in the day who was more interested in browsing through the sports pages. “Sorry folks, the boss is gone to the bank and he won’t be back for at least an hour” and the Americans went on their way!

Sometimes even the boss isn’t able for customers …

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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4 Responses to “Hiding from the customer”

  1. Paul McMenamy Says:

    Nice story Greg! And you can, unfortunately, find many gradations of it every day of the week. Cead Mile Failte!!

  2. Siobhan Finn Says:

    Interesting post Greg. Only yesterday I was chatting to a friend who also founded his own business a number of years ago. Only now, as the business continues to grow successfully is he recognising the dilemma of ‘sacking’ customers and the necessity of doing same when certain customers deliver more challenges than revenue to the business. At least he has recognised this challenge and is acting on it. Many don’t and these customers continue to cost the business more than they deliver.

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