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Just a Drop of a West Cork Story ..

September 3, 2020

Old Head KInsale

We were in the car all five of us on a Saturday morning, the last one of August, the last one of summer (I know it’s autumn, but I always consider August to be part of summer) taking a trip around West Cork.

The five of us was Dee and I, the two dogs Honey and Bert who have started to enjoy our summer excursions and Ayla, from New Zealand, my son’s girlfriend (he’s busy filming for Failte Ireland at the moment).

From a chat we had a few nights earlier we reckoned she hadn’t really experienced that wonderful part of Ireland, so this plan was hatched.

As usual, we totally underestimated the amount of time it would take to explore but we did manage to take in the Old Head of Kinsale and then a scenic coastal drive that included Harbour View beach, Timoleague, Courtmacsherry and Clonakilty via Ring.

The sun was shining and Clonakilty town was buzzing and we strolled through the town with our two four legged buddies, enviously looking at the patrons enjoying the selection of cafes and restaurants that were calling to us.

Eventually, the pangs of hunger and the gentle waft of a chipper called to us and we grabbed two bags of “proper” chips with some mouth watering, juicy, succulent chicken goujons from an immaculate place called the ‘Chunky Chip‘ and enjoyed those sitting on the grass on the green near Emmet Square.

Emmet Square, Clonakilty

Walking off those chips was a must so we headed on to Red Strand and then onto Long Strand at Owenahincha and went for a fabulous walk meandering through the sand dunes that go on forever and then onto the beach.


The dogs enjoyed the water, but did realise it wasn’t for drinking and we managed to sit for a few moments to enjoy a glass of white wine (Dee is always prepared!) looking out at the ocean, taking in all of it’s beauty and bidding farewell to this very strange summer.

Driving back home (there was a Liverpool match to get back for..) we were chatting about all sorts of everything including “wouldn’t it be great to live near the sea” which seemed to be the recurring topic of the day.

Throughout the journey we had the music playing with a mix of all our tastes along with the selection that the Spotify algorithm throws you and before we knew it we were listing to a fantastic song by one of my favourite bands, The 4 of Us, called “Just A Drop“.

I was able to tell Ayla and Dee (and the two dogs!) the story of the song, which not only brought it to life but it also gave them an insight into the character of the band and something that they could carry with them and tell others.

The reason I knew the story was because they told it to me via email.

Every week during “lockdown” the band have been sending an email featuring a different song, whereby they tell the story behind the song and they leave you with the gift of a free download.

This is the fantastic story behind the song in their own words:

Just A Drop. The story behind the song…

Dad was a big Johnny Cash fan and suggested, on more than one occasion, that our songs could benefit from a bit of the boom-chicka-boom rhythm that characterised Cash’s early recordings.

We eventually took up his suggestion, writing Just A Drop, for the Sugar Island album, as a tribute to him and his love for the Man in Black.

Before we recorded it, we headed home to Newry to play it for him.

“You are finally going to love a 4 Of Us song,” we told him.

To make sure he was in a suitably receptive mood, we bought some insurance – a bottle of his favourite whiskey.

He sipped a glass of it, relaxing in his favourite armchair as we played him the song.

Three minutes later, we waited to hear his opinion. He paused.

Then he looked up at us and said just two words:

“More whiskey.”

We insisted on playing it to him again, assuring him that sometimes it takes a while for a song to grow on you.

After three more performances – and three more whiskeys – he started getting into it.

So, if you don’t think our performance in the video below sounds anything like Johnny Cash, we understand.

But can we recommend that you combine it with a glass or two of Black Bush?

Brendan and Declan ❤

(you can watch the song on YouTube at the bottom of this post)

It’s such a very clever thing to do.

At a time when they can’t do gigs, they are still talking to us and what’s more, they are building a special bond and a connection that brings us closer to them and one that works when it comes to selling their music and their gigs.

It was nice to get an unexpected lesson in marketing from an unexpected source..

Are you taking the time to tell your interesting story?


Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion Communications, a full service PR, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing agency with offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland

What does the customer REALLY want?

July 9, 2018

Fuzion Communications team

We had our team day planned- we were all heading to Kinsale for the day!!

The mini bus was ordered and I went on a quick off-licence run with one of the guys, nothing mad but a few beers and ciders, something for everyone.

Instead of the mini bus that was ordered a few taxis arrived – my heart sank.

To the taxi company there was no difference between a mini bus and a few taxis. In their book each option got our crew to our destination – isn’t that the point of transportation?

Fuzion Communications team

To me this was a real let down – the team bonding, the banter and the fun and yes, the few drinks together was going to be an important part of our team day, including the journey there and the journey back.

There was no point saying anything – they just wouldn’t get it!

It’s really important that you clearly understand what your customer really wants when they order your product or service …. what do they really want?

Of course we had a great day but it could have been even better.

A big thanks to Hal McElroy of the Trident Hotel , who organised our boat trip with Ocean Addicts.


Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion Communications who offer Marketing, PR and Graphic Design services from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland

Music, Work, Life, the Universe and some other bits in between ..

June 10, 2013

Greg Canty & Brendan Canty

Do you fancy hanging out for the day?” Brendan suggested on the phone.

It’s a miracle …both my 24 year old son Brendan (check out his cool video/music production business Feel Good Lost) and yours truly had a day when other halves and work did not get in the way!

Charles Fort - Kinsale

The sun was shining, we bought ice creams and headed off in the car in the direction of Kinsale and turned the music up loud ..

We chatted about music, work, life, the universe and a few bits in between.

We did the coastal walk from Charles Fort as far as we could go until nettles got the better of our bare white legs – shorts were not a good idea for that stroll!

Brendan Canty - Feel Good Lost

I watched as my son, this young man walked ahead of me …how did he end up being 24 so quick?

We chatted some more about music, work, life, the universe and a few other bits in between.

Catch of the Day - Kinsale

I’m starving” he declared … how about that guy on the bridge past Kinsale on the way to Garretstown who goes fishing a few days and then sells what he catches the other days?

Catch of the Day didn’t disappoint as we sat in the glorious sunshine on the wooden bench and munched down the Haddock, Hake and chips …. the wait was punishment (we were famished!) but so well worth it.

We chatted some more about music, work, life, the universe and a few other bits in between.

Brendan Canty

We moved onto the Speckled Door pub on the way to the Old Head of Kinsale and Brendan bought the drinks … we enjoyed a pint of Murphy’s and Bulmers respectively out the back as we looked out over the incredible view of Kinsale and watched a few young couples play with their kids (I remember when he was that young). It’s a pity Ellen (my fab daughter) couldn’t be with us today.

We chatted some more about music, work, life, the universe and a few other bits in between.

Last stop was the incredible Old Head … Brendan took me to a spot at the side of the cliffs. We stumbled upon two girls sunbathing topless and tried to walk past discreetly – I was so discreet I slipped and fell on my backside (big red face)!!

I politely stood up and continued on my way pretending I was all “cool”…

Old Head of Kinsale

We sat and watched over this stunning view and pondered… we listened to and watched the birds (different types!) swoop in and out of the cliff face.

We watched the waves roll into the cliff face and contemplated how the thousands of years of activity has eroded the rock. The water was crystal clear.

We chatted some more about music, work, life, the universe and a few other bits in between.

Eventually it was time to go … we drove back to Cork and went back to our other lives.

We had the greatest father and son day, we didn’t quite drive a JCB but we did chat about music, work, life, the universe and a few other bits in between.

Thanks Brendan …let’s make sure we do that again sometime soon x

Greg Canty is a dad and a partner of Fuzion

Hiding from the customer

August 26, 2012

Old Pub

We had a great evening in Kinsale.

Tommy, our buddy wanted to hook up with Liam Brown who was back from Florida for a few weeks to visit some family members. Liam, a successful businessman was originally from Castleisland in Kerry but emigrated to the States over 20 years ago. So a bunch of us met Liam at the Blue Haven for a meal on a really pleasant Saturday evening.

Tommy and Liam exchanged stories and banter about football, the hospitality industry, the economy and some tales about characters from the “old days”.

Liam said he will never come back to Ireland because of the climate but still loves visiting. The recent weather won’t change that mindset!

One of the tales was about a certain publican in Kerry who according to Liam was the laziest publican ever. He was at his worst in the mornings and on one particular occasion he had just opened his doors for business and a bunch of Americans landed, all of them looking for Irish coffees.

This was all a little too much for our publican so early in the day who was more interested in browsing through the sports pages. “Sorry folks, the boss is gone to the bank and he won’t be back for at least an hour” and the Americans went on their way!

Sometimes even the boss isn’t able for customers …

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion