What a fantastic day

Jan and David Sands

David quite proud that Jan is actually eating his roast potatoes!

We had some special friends, David and Jan over from Aldershot in the UK this weekend.

Today we got up, walked the dog in the park, went to the shop, made breakfast and read the papers.

This evening (Sunday) the men, David and I (how’s that for correct English?), put on a roast – he never cooks!  He peeled the spuds, I prepared the veg and we put the meat in the oven.

Just before dinner we popped down to the local, The White Horse for a quick one (timed to precision – we knew what we were doing) …my folks joined us there.

We all came back, put on some music, tucked into some pate and bread, the roast (we actually managed to do a good job!) accompanied by wine and a fab dessert my mum had made, her rhubarb special pie.

We shared stories, chatted about a little bit of everything, toasted a few times, smiled, laughed and got to know each other a little better. Even the four legged one, Bing seemed to enjoy the chit chat and the leftovers (not too many!).

In many ways it is the simple things that are the best ..a perfect day?

Maybe it was a Fantastic Day (as Julie Feeney would say!).

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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3 Responses to “What a fantastic day”

  1. Paul Bond Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Perfect post !


  2. janicesands Says:

    Thanks Greg and Dee for a wonderful weekend. Who looks more drunk? Not Dave, Not the spud, I guess it’s me!!!!

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