Taking a Fountain Pen to your Social Media

fountain pen & social media

I was presenting to the team of one of our clients this week about how they could use social media best for their business.

At my sessions before we look at any of the social media tools I do this simple exercise by asking the group a question “What are the characteristics of  people you like to do business with?

The group give me a list of characteristics – Now, take all of that into account and apply it to your online behaviour and you will be really effective.

During this part of the session I noticed the younger members of the team had glazed looks across their faces ….what is he talking about, I thought this was a training session about social media?

Social media isn’t about technology, it’s about how you use it to connect and interact with people.

The older experienced members of the team got what I was saying immediately and one of the most senior in the group gave me an incredible example of how you apply old world values to new world technology:

When I spot online that a company has won an award or has experienced some other good news or when I see someone has been appointed to a new role, I congratulate them

How do you congratulate them” I asked.

“I write them a personalised handwritten note on my own notepaper using a special fountain pen and I post it to them”

Wow, that’s so simple but it’s genius – what a way to stand out

Making social media work?…..take all the stuff you are great at already and apply it online

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion with offices in Cork and Dublin in Ireland offer social media training and consultancy services

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15 Responses to “Taking a Fountain Pen to your Social Media”

  1. Michael brennan Says:

    Bring back the fountain pen and basic writing skills.

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  3. Tom Murphy Says:

    I fully agree with Greg. However, as mentioned in a comment above, basic writing skills are necessary and unfortunately a lot of people have forgotten or were never taught how to utilise such.

  4. Fergal Bell Says:

    What a great idea. It’s fairly simple but if I received a handwritten note from a supplier, a client or another contact I’d be very impressed. Well done that man!

  5. Brendan Palmer Says:

    Great post as usual Greg.

    I would also bet that those personal notes sit on the receivers desk , reminding them of the sender, for a lot longer than any email would stay visible in an inbox

    Now if only someone could invent a Fountain Pen with a spell checker…………..

    • Greg Canty Says:

      so right Brendan and a service to make my handwriting legible! Cheers, Greg

      • Electronic Recycling Says:

        Down to the local school supply store for you Greg.

        Get yourself ruled writing copy, (yes they are still the same as all them years ago) and practice, practice, practice.

        To make the experience more real, get your good lady to whack you on the knuckles when you make a mistake or blot your copybook 🙂

        Oh! The joy of remembering the wonderful teaching methods of the Christian Brothers

      • Greg Canty Says:

        Thanks Brendan …. life is getting to be so complicated !

  6. margaretgoulding Says:

    Good advice Greg. It’s nice to receive a handwritten note, it so rarely happens anymore. Well done to him.

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