Today I was an Accountant


I can’t help it ….I was once an accountant!

To be fair most people who meet me now get puzzled by this.

“Really?” ….yep!

For some reason I still won’t delegate these duties and in October of each year those deadline walls come closing in and there is no choice other than to knuckle down and prepare the accounts for the annual tax return.

I was like a bear today (sincere apologies to everyone concerned!) – I had worked till midnight last night doing the bank reconciliation and I was determined to break the back on the rest of the accounts work today. Besides feeling tired it made me feel totally miserable – the thought of the best part of my day being spent on “negative” work was killing me.

Romantically I always reckoned that doing the accounts was like telling the story of the business for the year. A long time ago I made a choice that I wanted to be part of the story rather than telling it afterwards!

Instead of meeting clients, trying to make positive things happen I had to, “for one day only” focus on just getting this horrible task done – I needed to be an accountant again and a cloud descended around me.

As planned I have broken the back on the accounts and while it wasn’t quite as bad a day as I had feared I am looking forward to being the “other me” tomorrow.

Are you telling the story or are you part of the story?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are an Irish Marketing, PR and Graphic Design agency with offices in Cork and Dublin

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8 Responses to “Today I was an Accountant”

  1. Ralph Smith (@DoMyBooks) Says:

    Over the years i’ve noticed that more successful business owners we deal with are really into their accounts. The days of the shoebox of receipts going into the black hole of the accountants office once a year are behind us.

  2. JW McCabe Says:

    Greg, I prefer to look at you as a multi-faceted being.Someone who does all the creative work that you enjoy but are more than capable of doing the finance part as well.

    In your current story direction, it may seem like you are going backwards but instead you are using a skill set that has proven to be beneficial to you to enhance your current story line;)

    Look at me, I am a fancy Marketing Director and I am an Accountant..

    Beat that commoners;)

  3. Hugh Says:

    I was once an Engineer but it soon passed …

    With the advent of cloud based invoicing services and online a Revenue payments, October isn’t as bad as it used to be, but there are still moments of dread …

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