Thanks for the re-tweet?

Pay it forward

Thanks for the RT”  (thats a re-tweet for those unfamiliar with twitter – whereby you share someone’s tweet/post with your followers)

How long would that have taken …. two seconds?

But if you are too busy and have no real interest in interacting with others then what does it matter if you “thank” or not?

You may have saved two seconds but it did cost you:

  • You are viewed as unappreciative by the person who valued you enough to RT you in the first place
  • You may not be re-tweeted again by that person (you will miss out on the visibility with their followers)
  • You miss the opportunity to engage with someone who was interested in your post
  • Someone else will benefit by the re-tweets you used to get

Big social media tip ….say thanks!

PS: ironically you will be the one who benefits most by doing that

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion with offices in Cork and Dublin in Ireland offer social media training and consultancy services

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2 Responses to “Thanks for the re-tweet?”

  1. waltonmediaJohn Says:

    hi, I actually think all those thanks for the RT tweets fill up twitter with even more clutter than it already has. One of the biggest problems with twitter is the huge amount of noise.

    Now saying that I have said thanks for the RT a few times but I’ve been doing it less lately as it just fills up my followers’ feed with unnecessary tweets.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      You make a great point …. I think you do need to show appreciation some of the time, not necessarily all the time. Using the “favourite” button is a nice was of acknowledging a post as well

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