Can you do our social media for us?

setting the bird free

Of course we can look after your social media content for you but I must say a very loud BUT ..


To be meaningful it requires you/whoever in your organisation to take the time to provide us with good content on a regular basis, which you will find often takes as much time as doing the actual posting.

Let us show you how.


Up to the minute, perfectly timed updates are nearly always lost when you pass the responsibility of posting to someone external – we won’t see your team getting ready for an event, we can’t react when you spot something relevant in the media, we can’t see the chef preparing something in the kitchen or spot that funny/unusual thing that can be photographed or posted as it happens.

Let us show you how.


For us the real magic with social media is the interaction with other strategic accounts and customers (in particular with twitter) – get this right and you achieve much greater reach, you develop powerful relationships and connections and your posts will be more effective and genuine.

Let us show you how.


So if you feel uncomfortable with social media but you still want to achieve the maximum benefits from it what do you do?

Lets start by trying to find a few champions internally who know and understand the business. Then we will train them including clearly outlining the objectives, the guidelines, the protocol and all the necessary knowhow and only when ready we will give them the relevant access to each social media platform depending on their role.

We can support them each step of the way until they are ready to fly alone.

Let us show you how.

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion offer Social Media Consultancy and Training in Dublin and Cork

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