Wishing your time away..

Monday Morning Blues

It’s Monday morning, we struggle out of bed and it’s off to work – the clouds are hovering over our heads. We have the Monday morning blues..

I wish it was the weekend.

I can’t wait for the weekend, I can’t wait until the bank holiday weekend, I can’t wait until the James Vincent McMorrow gig, I can’t wait until my summer holidays, I can’t wait until Christmas!

While it’s great to have things to look forward to it’s even more important to embrace each day and everything that we do.

Enjoy your Monday, enjoy your work, enjoy that time with your workmates and your clients and everyone that you interact with and then get yourself home, to the gym, to wherever you go and enjoy that.

Make a choice and look for that enjoyment in everything that you do.

Stop wishing your time away.. it’s way too precious for that. 

Greg Canty 

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion Communications who offer Marketing, PR and Graphic Design services from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland


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4 Responses to “Wishing your time away..”

  1. Anna-Lou Hennessy (@annalou_hen) Says:

    Starting every day with a run means I never experience those blues, plus good music in the car with a wee dance on the way to work (no matter how embarrassing my kids find it), means I’ll always arrive smiling. The small things will always make a difference.

  2. margaretgoulding Says:

    I think we’re all a bit guilty if ‘wishing our lives away’ Greg. Heading out later with a buddy for a good rigorous walk to banish the monday blues #positivity #simplepleasures

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