Love and Kindness


My poor Dad is in the wars and as a result has been in hospital for the last few weeks.

It’s awful, it’s crap, it’s miserable and any other words you would like to think of.

While this is an incredibly hard time for him and for everyone concerned I am truly staggered and overwhelmed by the abundance of love and kindness that I am witnessing each and every day.

There is an incredible wife and mother, fantastic children, loving grandchildren and the most supportive group of relatives and friends you could ever wish for.

To add to this, we are seeing the most caring, kind, and often good humoured nurses and care assistants who are busy and tenderly looking after the patient and the rest of us.

It’s probably unfair to mention anyone in particular, but  I watched Petra, a care assistant in St.Bernadettes ward in the Bon Secours in Cork, tenderly, gently and respectfully look after my dad – she is a very special angel whose treasured version of kindness is worth its weight in gold.

While we need the best of equipment and technology, modern facilities, and highly skilled professionals in our care system, kindness and caring are probably the most valuable of attributes.

To Petra and all of the fantastic carers and givers of kindness who work in these challenging  #roles – thank you !

Greg Canty 

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion Communications who offer Marketing, PR and Graphic Design services from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland

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4 Responses to “Love and Kindness”

  1. margaretgoulding Says:

    Hi Greg. My dad is in the CUH since last week. He had a broken hip replacement after a small fall at home. The nurses & care assistants couldn’t have been nicer, patiently dealing with him and answering our endless questions. It’s definitely a vocaton. Best wishes & speedy recovery to your Dad.

  2. Tom O'Leary Says:

    Greg, this is an old friend and clasmate from the 1980s. I used to call to you at your home back in the day and got to know your parents and siblings. I am not surprised that the inner strength is there within your mother and siblings. I saw it come through in my own family when my parents got ill. Care giving is a very important attribute which no accountant can measure. It is the invisible glue. I hope your dad is well and that he recovers.

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