Is there anything else we should be worried about?

I was listening to a really popular Irish podcast and the podcast host had one of the countries foremost economists on the show.

As you would expect the economist was fielding various questions and giving his expert opinion on the Irish economy, fuel prices, the war in Ukraine, the ongoing stresses caused by Brexit and how these issues could affect various business sectors in the country.

It was an excellent review and for the listener they would definitely have come away with valuable insights.

Just as the show was about to wrap up, the podcast host asked the economist a simple question: “Is there anything else out there that we should be worried about?

While it could be viewed as a great question and one designed to make sure that all bases were covered, I found myself getting angry with what I was hearing.

Let’s not look for “more” things to worry about – there is always something if you look hard enough.

Instead, look for the opposite ….how about asking about the great opportunities out there ?


Greg is a partner at Fuzion Communications, a full service Marketing and PR agency with offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland

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