No I didn’t

No I didn’t bump into my neighbour and great friend Brian as I was popping down to the local store to grab some lunch.

No I didn’t ask him if he wanted to join me and Dee for lunch.

No I didn’t ask him what he fancied for lunch and no he didn’t suggest that he fancied a nice baguette because he had spotted some guy cycling and he had a baguette.

No I didn’t get a fresh rustic baguette in the store, a selection of salads, marinated chicken breasts and some pastries.

No I didn’t come home, set a table in the garden for lunch in the sunshine.

No I didn’t text Brian to say lunch was ready and no he didn’t come over.

No I didn’t ask Brian and Dee if they wanted some white wine to go with this delicious lunch in the sunshine and while they said no first, no they didn’t change their minds….

No we didn’t have a great chat in the sunshine, we didn’t polish the bottle of wine and we didn’t have coffee and delicious pastries after.

No we didn’t have fun and no we didn’t spend too much time chatting to stop us from being back at our desks for work at 2pm.

No, I didn’t tell you the truth…

Sometimes you just have the embrace the moment because it just might not come again!


Greg is a partner at Fuzion Communications, a full service Marketing and PR agency with offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland

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