Queen Elizabeth and our problem with the two flags?

Queen's welcome

Welcoming the Queen

Oh my God – is this an emotive subject or what!

It amazes me how opinion is quite divided on the subject of the Queen’s visit – I make the assumption that for most people it is a great thing for Ireland that she is visiting our shores but very quickly after a little chit chat you realise that some people have quite the opposite opinion.

We really do seem to have a problem with our neighbour but if you dig a little bit deeper do we really have a big problem with ourselves?

Two Flags?

At Fuzion we are lucky to be on the Queen’s route – she is passing by the front door of our office in Cork city (and I genuinely mean this – I feel privileged to be in such a location to witness such a historic event) and I would love in an ideal world to hang two flags from our windows – an Irish flag and a British flag with a welcome sign in the middle.

This is how I feel. We should be putting out a genuinely warm message to everyone who is watching. After all we are (most of the time!) a welcoming nation and in reality we benefit  from visitors and we do need them now more than ever. Outside of the tourism agenda we should be welcoming.

I casually ran this “two flags” idea by one of my buddies and I was quite shocked at the reaction..

Marketing Initiative ..

Irish Flag

Welcome to Ireland!

Knowing I was on a roll with my upset friend I then suggested a great promotional idea – How about producing a flag for cars (you know the type, displayed from the side windows) with the Irish flag on one side and the British flag on the other? We could sell them for €10 and ALL proceeds would go to charity after the cost was covered. Wouldn’t this be a huge, positive gesture of peace and welcome that would benefit charities at the same time?

I decided to stop when my buddy starting frothing at the mouth and visible steam was seen coming from his ears!!

I was joking of course but deep down I did think it was a good idea.. After all at big European and International football matches you often see the scarves with a 50/50 scenario between both teams that the supporters buy as a souvenir of the occasion.

Ok, we seem to have a problem with our neighbour (even though we support their football teams with a passion) and the idea of a flag sharing gesture is a big step too far.

The Irish Flag

But … what about our  own flag? Dig a little deeper and it points to a much bigger problem.

Would you hang an Irish flag proudly from your office?

Probably not – “our” flag has come to represent many of the wrong things and an Irish flag waving patriotic gesture can now communicate something totally different.

We have  a problem ..

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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22 Responses to “Queen Elizabeth and our problem with the two flags?”

  1. Fabio Venturini Says:

    Great blog post Greg. And a very interesting (and probably very correct) conclusion.

  2. Brendan Says:

    Totally agree 100%. See any clips of the dopes protesting? Most of them are what you’d expect. Dopey scumbags

  3. Wayne Says:

    Unfortunately our tricolour has been hijacked by the hardened republican side. I love Ireland as much as the next person but I do not want to be associated with dissidents and they do not represent us.

    Hopefully one day we will live in harmony and the Irish flag will hang from buildings all over the land, just like in France where they proudly fly their flag from every available space!

    Today I felt proud to be Irish 🙂

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Wow Wayne .. At times I feel am I the only one that feels that way. In France and the U.S. you see their national flags flying proudly – here, let’s face it you can’t.

      Today was a great day except for stupid yobs in tracksuits throwing stuff at the Gardai and empty streets because we were so frightened about what those yobs would do. Unfortunately the extremists “scored” and managed to ruin the fabulous occasion.

      Hopefully we can drive on from here.


  4. BockThe Robber Says:

    Another business opportunity. Set up a franchise selling Union Jacks, Stars ‘n’ Stripes and effigies for burning. Form a strategic partnership with Sky News.

  5. Wayne Says:

    I think it was a great day and it certainly wasn’t ruined (I wouldn’t satisfy those yobs to think they managed to have any impact on this great ocassion). Apart from us seeing the protests on TV nobody but the Gardai actually witnessed it so that’s fine by me. AND several arrests were made so, bonus!

    I thought the streets would be empty due to security concerns but in actual fact there were thousands of well wishers out to greet the royal couple along the Quays and O’Connell Street which was heart warming!

  6. Seamus Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Great post and very interesting conclusion.
    I recently saw a memo from the President of the Irish Hotels Federation urging members to fly 3 flags (Irish,US,UK) over these two weeks to acknowledge the importance to tourism of the visits of the two heads of state to Ireland.
    I remember thinking at the time that I had rarely noticed a UK flag flying outside any Irish business premises and wondered would many of the members take up the advice. Your post has reminded me keep an eye out!

  7. Avril Smith Says:

    To avoid any further problems Greg, I think a good big Cork flag will do the welcome trick and avoid any problems or issues you might be pondering over!
    So simple…….


  8. marinecourtmember Says:


    I see nothing whatsoever wrong with our flag. In fact what it stands for is very noble and actually reflects quite well the stage we have reached on this island with both traditions now at peace with eachother.

  9. Phil Chambers Says:

    Are we now afraid or ashamed to fly our countrys flag? Have we given it over to dissidents and soccer followers ?
    When I grew up in Cork we proudly flew the flag from our house on every big occasion and I am amazed to hear that – given the fantastic welcom given to the Queen by Cork – that this issue has now arisen. I would have expected both flags to have been flying from almost every building.
    Phil Chambers
    The Business Analysts Association of Ireland

  10. Deirdre Says:

    Agree with Wayne – I didn’t even learn the national anthem in school because our teachers were afraid there were so many IRA connotations .

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