Vacation & Waiting for the Big Idea!

Varadero Cuba

Big Idea …. where are you?

I know that whenever I get a break new ideas start coming to me.

The minute you step off that treadmill of “doing“, the minute you let your mind settle and unclutter those ideas come to you. It’s as if all the other “stuff” is a block that prevents that clear thinking that is needed to come up with those fresh ideas.

So what’s happening? … I’m here sitting on the beach in Varadero, Cuba, sipping on a Mojito listening to the waves roll in gently. I’m surrounded by holiday makers lying on the beach, some asleep, some reading, all of them relaxing. A few of the energetic ones are in the water and some are walking the fabulous beach in their bare feet.

I’ve been on holidays for nearly a week now , I’ve managed to unwind (at least I think so) pretty much fully so where are you?

Come on big idea , major insight, incredible revelation…. I’m waiting!!

Maybe the Big Idea is I need to take more breaks!!

If that big idea comes over the next few days, I’ll let you know!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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11 Responses to “Vacation & Waiting for the Big Idea!”

  1. gercourtney Says:

    I think holidays are meant to give your brain a break too. Don’t beat yourself up!!

  2. socialbridge Says:

    Greg, I reckon that ‘big ideas’ are like butterflies; the harder you chase them the more elusive they become. So sit back and relax and one will land gently on your shoulder and whisper in your ear!

  3. kevinfuzion Says:


  4. Paul McMenamy Says:

    Good stuff Greg. I guess it can also help your mind to “break free” when you take a day off on a frequent basis – but Cuba sounds like heaven. Enjoy!

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