Tayto crispsI love crisps, I think I always have ..

I remember when a bag of  Tayto crisps was 3 pence and you could buy Perri for 2 pence …that was a lot of money back then and to me they were a total luxury and only bought on very special occasions.

Back in Primary school I remember watching our schoolmate Barry Coffey eat a bag of crisps so quickly during lunch – how could he?

He was the luckiest kid ever – he was the only one in the class who came to school with a bag of crisps and he had the audacity to eat them quickly with no reverence whatsoever!

Eating Crisps

I remember the Sunday afternoon spins with mum and dad and my sister Laura.

Like most brothers and sisters (there were two and a half years between us) we had our share of fights. My lasting memory of those days was my sisters ability to make that packet of crisps last forever…I would have eaten my packet of crisps as slowly as possible and with total respect and my sister would still have 90% of her packet left.

She would crush her packet up and for the rest of that journey she would tease me silly.. one crumb at a time.

I know we are in tough economic times and that things are really tight but then I think of crisps and I wonder ..

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing, PR and Graphic Design firm with offices in Dublin and Cork

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13 Responses to “Crisps!”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I remember buying Taytos for 6p. The only thing that has risen faster than a bag of Taytos in this country was the prices of houses in the boom. And while we have seen a large correction in the price of houses, the price of Tayto still soars upward. I wonder if we are about to see the beginning of a Crisp bubble with Tayto Park becoming part of NCMA (National Crisp Management Agency).

    Maybe the government are on the right track with discussions of an obesity tax on fatty foods. It might help to slow the bubble and soften the landing.

    The alternative is unappetising. A Troika imposing their will on us to eat pretzels or pringles instead of our beloved taytos, a collapse in the price of salt, and ghost estates of potato farms the length and breadth of the country.

    What will happen to the unsubordinated crisp holders, will they be burned (to a crisp)?

    The country will be divided. The Cheese/Onion coalition on the right Vs the Salt/Vinegar on the left. Which of them will save our (smoky) bacon?

  2. Antoinette McInerney Says:

    well, you thought you had it bad, my brother used to say, ‘lets share, we’ll eat your bag first and then we’ll eat mine’. That way it will make the treat last longer. We’d eat mine together and then he’d leg it with his packet!

  3. Michael brennan Says:

    You have certainly evoked memories for me. Am I the only one that remembers Smiths Crisps? They were another brand available in competition with Tayto and Perri. Good stuff Greg.

  4. paulfitzgeraldphotography Says:

    That crisp story really brings me back – I have one sister called Laura also and we spent many Sunday afternoons going for spins in the car with our parents. Our Mam would stop off at some remote sweet shop and we’d load up for the journey ahead…funny the memories a simple story brings back…thanks.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    From the

    THOSE MARKETING DIVILS at Tayto know what they’re up to.

    They’ve released a limited edition pack As Gaeilge to celebrate several things:

    Tayto being Irish and selling 1 million packs worldwide every day (Yes, ONE MILLION!)

    Seachtain na Gaeilge

    St Patrick’s Day

    The limited edition retro packs will be sold nationwide for the next eight weeks.
    Crisp sandwiches ahoy!

  6. Fergal Bell Says:

    You can really date a person by the first price they remember Taytos being. It was 6p for myself. At one point they jumped 2p and I wondered in all seriousness how I was going to manage. An early introduction to budgeting!

    Another crisp shock was when I went to London and saw salt & vinegar in green packets. Salt and vinegar crisps are meant to be in blue packets. That’s the way it’s meant to be. It just seemed wrong (and still does!).

  7. paul hyland Says:

    Ahh yes, crisps and coke in the car whilst the folks were in the pub on Sunday afternoon spins, still love a crisp sandwich

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