Worrier or Warrior?

Warrior or worrier

Being in business can be great fun, it can be really satisfying and that overall feeling of being a master of your own destiny just can’t be beaten.

However at times it can be a very lonely place with huge stresses and one where things can be constantly challenging.

One feeling that never leaves me is that feeling of worry ….there is always something to worry about, where will new business come from, how will we pay those bills, how will we sort that problem, how will we improve on the great year that we just had?

That worry niggle is always there to one degree or another. At times you hardly notice, it’s just a tiny little niggle at the back of your mind but at other times the worry monster is bigger and you find yourself waking up and your first thought of the day is..that worry!

That’s when I find the warrior appears, when you have to dig deep, you delve into your reserves, you have to find extra gears inside you and you have to work harder, be more creative and make bolder moves and do new things.

During a typical year I find myself moving from worrier to warrior at regular intervals, ironically with the very most being achieved when the warrior appears!

Are you a warrior or a worrier?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

Fuzion are a Marketing,PR and Graphic Design agency with offices in Dublin and Cork in Ireland

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8 Responses to “Worrier or Warrior?”

  1. Ted Mellamphy Says:

    Looking at the poster you used Greg, if I was faced by that warrior, I would certainly be worried!!

  2. Colm Healy Says:

    The ‘worry’ stops you from being complacent – helps keep you on your toes, but you need to be in charge and not let it rule. You are the master (promotion from warrior) of your destiny…

  3. eliza Says:

    It is normal to feel worry but let not worry control us instead, we have to be strong like a warrior to face our problems and let the problems worry itself and make it a challenge for us to find ways in our daily endeavor. thank you Greg.

  4. scottbradley2013 Says:

    If you worry, you will use energy that you need to succeed…

    I celebrate every little positive to build momentum and enjoy a laugh at the negative as a learning experience for the future.

    I have enjoyed a split career with over a decade both as a corporate employee and as a entrepreneur running my own companies.

    I have learned that you are no more secure in a corporation as you are as an entrepreneur, as there is no longer corporate loyalty with employees. The days of one enjoying a career with one company is over as it was the norm in the past. This places todays employment in the Job category and not the Career category as loyalty between employee and employer is rare.

    Be a warrior, and don’t look back as you will be rewarded and enjoy leading not following, it maybe scary, but soooo rewarding…

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